Detailed Feedback After 60 Hours

Hello, the creators of “no rest for the wicked”. I am a player from the Chinese area, and now I am trying to give you feedback through the translation software.
First of all, I am honored to experience such a highly completed early EA stage game. As of yesterday, I have played for more than 60 hours, and tried to make some videos that have been viewed tens of thousands of times on the video platform. At the same time, in the communication with players in the comment area of ​​my video, I learned about the problems inside and outside the game.
Putting aside the plot, I feel the shadow of Diablo in the core of the game equipment. From my experience during this period, “no rest for the wicked” is more like an “equipment-driven game” with an additional action system.

Regarding the problem of the wave of negative reviews in the Chinese area, I would like to say: In the early promotion, this action system attracted countless “Dark Souls” player groups. There are many paranoid “Dark Souls” fan groups among Chinese gamers. They sneer at the “equipment-driven type”. At the same time, the players in the Chinese circle are too impetuous, and the game leaves inappropriate comments under this conflicting confrontation. (At the same time, most of them will not modify the comments because of the bug correction) ps: Maybe it is what is said in Chinese: “A duck’s mouth is still hard until it dies.” :rofl: But I want to say that as a gamer who loves games and has experienced many EA stages. I think the core of “No Rest for the Wicked” is really good! There are probably countless problems like the feedback of the Thistle Ring that should have deducted health points but turned into increased health points, or the infinite loop of samurai sword deducting health points and deducting health points and returning damage. Here I will report some of the problems recorded in my video:

  1. Please correct the priority of lurking against the wall in the city and “NPC dialogue/entering the room”. The dialogue in the clothing store at level 3 is very easy for the character to stick to the wall.
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  2. The demonstration of the weapon action module/rune concentration consumption is unknown. It is recommended to post the concentration consumption on the rune LOGO (instead of being able to see it only after wearing it as it is now) At the same time, you can try to add a detailed view column in the weapon column of the backpack, and display the action and damage coefficient of the selected weapon rune on the right. For the convenience of players to compare.
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  3. Currently, blue and purple equipment can be inlaid with the third and fourth runes through mouse and keyboard operation (the specific operation method is to select the idle skill column, then select the rune, cancel in front of the confirmation column, move the mouse to the locked third/fourth column, and select the rune to be inlaid.)
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  4. When the topaz fragment is inlaid into the pants, the focus value recovery amount displayed in the text is inconsistent with the actual amount (I have one that shows 2 recovery, but it is actually 15. This also exists before the repair, and my theoretical calculation and actual recovery are not comparable, 3%>8%>7%>10%)
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  5. In the reward level of the boss Echo Knight of the clearance trial, if I exit to the main menu page and then return to the game, the map archive of the reward level will refresh the reward box, but my backpack will not be reset, so I can get unlimited materials by repeatedly returning to the menu.

  6. At present, heavy armor equipment is too advantageous. It is recommended to add exclusive entries for cloth and leather armor equipment to optimize the trade-offs between ordinary attack schools and focus value schools. (The equipment system of the game is not like “Diablo”, and “No Rest for the Wicked” has added an action system. You can’t make the level of additional attributes of multiple weight levels of armor equal based on the same approach, because the surplus points can easily offset the impact of weight.) For example, heavy armor gloves/any weapon can also get a 14% chance to restore full physical strength when causing damage. If it is only limited to leather armor gloves, the equipment system will be more diverse.

  7. It is best to add exclusive attributes to weapon models. Now the final combination of all weapons is definitely: restore 7% concentration/4% health/30% damage/14% physical strength + negative attributes when causing damage, although it is difficult to appear. There is only one Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people, which wastes the weapon system. The rune combination can also consider the rune words of Diablo 2/POE, such as which designated gems/skills inlaid on white equipment can obtain special equipment with the specified attributes.

  8. After playing the regular map, when the exploration proceeds to the trial, the regular map lacks the refresh of boss monsters, and there is less desire to explore. After completing the current main storyline, you have placed a tree spirit (but it is a boss) at the location where the Dalak plot first appeared. I ran through the entire map but did not find the second one. (The monster in the twin rooms of the nameless mountain is not a boss) I hope there will be random bosses in the future (large infected and exclusive golden equipment! The roar of the small boss when I first arrived in the holy city echoes in the map when I refreshed it, which will immediately arouse my desire to run the map)
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  9. When the player obtains the requirement to reset skill points, please add the weapon to be retained, but remove the props with runes/gems embedded. For example, add this prop to the boss drops that are randomly refreshed in the map?

  10. Finch’s appearance time is too little, and it loses the meaning of III equipment in the middle and late stages (it is better to play two trials with more equipment, why look forward to seeing him on Saturday), can it be turned into a notice to go home at a certain time period the next day or add an exclusive entry library for his equipment?

I hope that the words I write before going to bed after playing for a day can bring you inspiration, and I also hope that you can make the most satisfying game of your own! Best wishes to you! Excellent creators. :grinning: