Stealth needs more love

Current state of the game doesn’t give enough opportunities for stealth play. I love dagger/crit/dex builds, but stealth opportunities are so very little currently. Smaller enemies that aren’t human shouldn’t be excluded from being able to backstab as well. Like those humanoid/mutant ones in the sewer. Some enemies have super sensitive detection also. Even if you are crouched. This needs to be tweaked slightly. Would also love stealth takedowns from above as well. You can currently drop down to attack an enemy, but a pin down move would be cool. Thanks!


I love the back stabs in this game.

I would definitely love the devs to explore the opportunity to add aerial takedowns a la sekiro or Jedi fallen order. I know that you can do plunging attacks, but it’s hard to aim them right.

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One of the devs said in a previous post that they plan on expanding stealth gameplay.

That’s awesome to hear.

It feels like we really do have a fantastic Skeleton of a game here. I don’t know if people are fully aware of just how much the dev team are prepared to add according to their roadmap as well as our feedback. Super pumped

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Agree, hiding in the grass doesn’t have any effect. You have beautifully swaying high foliage, but if I want to hide in it, I’ll always get spotted, which makes no sense. I also don’t like that sneak attacks don’t work on all enemies. I understand when you don’t want them to affect bosses, but you should still have the option and let the animation give you clarity.

While i would like to have more stealth, because it feels just as awesome as kicking an enemy off the cliff… i want to raise one concern.

You would not be able to create a character build based on stealth.
The reason for this is that you will likely not be able to assassinate a boss.

It’s my post :smile: oh yeah!