Limited Camera Visibility

Loving the game!

Only piece of feedback I have so far is that I think the camera visibility is way too low. Especially when the player is in Stealth Mode, and the camera zooms in.
There are many instances where (ranged) enemies can detect, attack, and damage the player before they are even visible in the player’s camera view.
This gives the player very little situational awareness, and often end up walking into trouble before you can even see what’s there.



I would upvote this multiple times if I could. Even with the zoom settings option added today, vision range is way too short too see many enemies, and loosing more visibility when sneaking (when you most need it) makes no sense.

Stealth needs other fixes too IMO (e.g. a way to boost concealment with stats/equipment/runes), but better vision range or more control over the camera to move it around a bit (or ideally full rotation, though I guess that would conflict with the aesthetic vision and quite possibly some of the level design) would be a good start.

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I just want to revive this, because i think this is still extremely relevant. Especially when running southwards, my weapon range is larger than my visibility.

And often enough i died, partially because the camera was just too close… Just to be mocked by the camera zooming out, showing me that it can indeed show more, but just decided to not do it while i am alive. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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This is something I found frustrating at first, but became used to over time. There’s actually one spot in the sewers where you move a platform and just barely see it move from the corner of your screen (clearly the level designer intends for the player to see it).

Personally, I would really love if the right joystick gave some (if only temporary swings) ability to see around objects by turning the camera.