Offscreen enemies

Right now, my main gripe with combat is how you often get ambushed by an enemy that you can’t even see yet due to the isometric camera. Often I get one of the big axe wielders just jump suddenly or a bomb get thrown at me from an enemy that is still offscreen.

Perhaps a more audio cue or maybe the corner of your screen slightly turning red to indicate danger coming up could help with this. Maybe even implementing an FOV slider to the camera, so we could zoom out. Or making the R joystick be a slightly panable camera, so you could slide the camera a bit.


The axe guys are a pain when you are trying to also deal with the bow guys in the same area… It is just not fun to try and dodge all these ranged attacks with the homing missles that they are shooting

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Enemies obfuscated by the camera / terrain just shouldn’t activate until the player can SEE them (even if the character could theoretically see them if it was a 3rd or 1st person game)