Camera Angle View Up vs Down

For the most part you guys have done a wonderful job with making the camera not that cumbersome despite being fixed. However my issue with it is that as you can see soooo much above your character but very little below.

So there’s been quite a few times where I’m getting hit by attacks I can’t see if the enemy goes offscreen to the bottom. I know camera angles are pretty tricky to get right and your art style looks good with the current view. But I need some way to know if the dude below the screen is about to send my flying off a cliff.


I have had occasions where enemies have noticed and started rushing towards me before I could even see them, it does get annoying.


Yes, I also feels it needs some adjustment. I’ve barely started but it’s already been extremely difficult to fight/interact/navigate to anything below my character. At least let me tilt it temporarily, like while holding a button down let me look an ounce further south.

Edit: would like to add that idk if it’s level design or what but after a few hours I realize I’m not having this issue as much and hadn’t in a while.

I was thinking about this also would almost be good if your character wasn’t center screen and a bit more north.

Or there was a setting to change it to that