General improvements

Summary of improvements/changes;

  • Most important: Customizable keybinds.

  • Stealth attacks are hard to execute, some enemies feel like they have 320 degree peripheral vision. They sometimes saw me sneaking behind them from a distance, or when I’m supposedly behind an obstacle. Instead change this and reduce backstab damage a bit.

  • Add stealth related items (dunno if this is in the game but haven’t seen any yet).

  • Interacting wit various items/wishpers/people/etc. is pretty janky. I get the option to press E and it instantly disappears so I have to reposition myself 2 more times.

  • Health regen at whispers?

  • Seperate jump keybind instead of auto jump while sprinting.

  • Making food needs to be more diverse, cause I need Artemiseaherbs for everything.

  • Make it so only 2 enemies can attack the player at once, it gets too messy otherwise.

  • Most of boss drops shouldn’t be random. Make it drop its weapon always.

  • People talk about removing item durability, but that’s something I just like. Should it be an option when creating a new realm? But don’t spend durability on breaking boxes and barrels.

  • Make us be able to alter the whole body instead of just the face in character creation. Bonus points if we can make a cosmetics shop in the city.

  • Lastly, get rid of building waiting time. Getting the resources takes long enough.

I’ve spent some hours on this game and I already love it! Great animation and beautiful art. Can’t imagine how good the official release will be.