Stealth Character Attribute and various other suggestions

I would like to start by saying, Overall I am thoroughly enjoying the game. The exploration and combat seem on point and the learning curve for each weapon type has its own learning curve and I dig it!

However, I would like to see a few things changed or added.

 1. Stealth - I think there should be some better stealth options in the game. Mainly,

I should be able to squat down in tall grass and not be seen by an enemy who is not
very close to me. There could also be an attribute added “Stealth” which could be
leveled up just like Dex or Int. This would also open the doors for weapons and armor
that are scaled with Stealth. It could make sneak attacks stronger and offer resistances
to various things.
2. The Stamina and Health circle are quite difficult to see a their colors are quite muted. Maybe brighten them up a bit? And the overall visuals, in some areas, are quite difficult to determine the differences in foliage vs barrels vs enemies, vs rock etc.
3. Maybe add wands as a weapon type that could be held in your off hand or main hand and could have various magical attributes depending on the wand you find.
4. Allow dual wielding of some weapons. I understand there is a dual wield dagger, but that weapon takes up 1 weapon slot and has an image of 2 knives. I am more specifically meaning if I have 2 of the same swords for example, I should be able to hold one in each hand. Instead of 1 in each main hand slot.
5. Fall damage is BRUTAL. Is there any way to make that not quite so painful to my character. lol

Again, all in all I am hooked and loving the game. I am sure things will continue to get better and better with each passing day! Keep killing and I cant wait to see where this game goes!