Some things seem to not jive with the souls formula

I really like the souls formula for combat and it is what excited me about this game in the first place. But, two mechanics in this game really seem to conflict with what makes that kind of gameplay work: Weapon durability and limited healing items.

Both give a strong incentive not to take risks. The more I play, the more I realize this is an issue, at least for me. I see a scary enemy in a souls game, I want to challenge it. If I see a dangerous enemy in this game, something in me doesn’t want to fight it. I know I’m not likely to win the first round, so I’ll lose healing and durability. I usually pick the fight anyways, but it doesn’t feel good. The incentives don’t align.

In Souls games, the “Estus” mechanics aligns perfectly with trying again and again. And leaving your souls after dying is a perfect reason to go there again. As a result, you either get them back or you lose them permanently. In both cases, eh…why not try again now that you are here anyways.

I am in agreement here. I understand the desire for wanting resource gathering and cooking, but maybe food should be for a temporary buff system that allows one to plan out an encounter rather than just healing. It would allow for different recipes to have more uses rather than some just being higher number healing.

move healing to a static, rechargeable healing solution like other souls games and ARPGs. It does seems at odds with the flow of the game.