Some suggestions for improvement

  1. a popup window is missing that prevents you from canceling challenges and bounties with just one button press.
  2. all popup windows should have a different button to confirm than the button that starts the actual action. Example (Xbox Controller): Sell with A → Popup: confirm with Y and cancel with B.
    I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve canceled challenges or sold items because I skipped through the dialog a little too quickly.
  3. i find that there is too little equipment in the stores. All builds should have the same chance to get the right equipment at all times. To illustrate what I mean: Shops level 1 (equipment from level 1): No one-handed dagger or spear. Store level 2 (equipment from level 11): Two-handed greatsword, one-handed dagger and leather clothing missing. I assume that this applies to all levels. If not, I still think it’s important to get your favorite equipment, especially at the beginning. Example: I start with sword and shield, so I mainly skill strength. Now I find a one-handed dagger for the first time at level 5 and I like the playstyle with one-handed dagger and shield much more than with sword and shield. I wasted the first 12 skill points. Too bad. I hope you get the point.
  4. revision of the sorting in inventory and storage crates: My items are randomly mixed up at all times, regardless of whether I press the sort button or simply drag items from the inventory into a storage crate and vice versa.
  5. half stacks should merge automatically.
  6. here I’m not sure if it’s a bug. I experience quite often that I can’t eat food to heal myself while walking/running or even shortly after a roll or sprint. Sometimes up to 5 seconds. This is quite annoying when you pull out of a fight to heal yourself, spam the button and nothing happens. In the best case scenario, the healing animation starts exactly when the opponent rushes towards you so that you can’t dodge.
  7. also here I am not sure if it is a bug. When you climb up a wall on the vines, it often happens that you turn around at the top and climb down again even though you are moving away from the vines.

That should be it from my side for now. I’m very confident that the game is developing in the right direction and I’m very excited to see what else we can expect in the future.

Since English is not my first language, I hope that everything has been understandable so far. Have a nice day :3