Some random feedback on issues I noticed immediately after playing a few hours

Game overall seems good. I haven’t played much but this is what I immediately noticed.

  • HDR is not working at all for me. Radeon 6800 on a LG Ultragear 48" oled monitor. No matter the settings, I can’t get HDR to work, it always looks incredibly washed out. (I reported this in bug reports)
  • There really needs to be some kind of transition when entering or exiting areas, it just looks wrong with no transition whatsoever, not even a simple fade out - fade in.
  • Performance doesn’t seem good. I can play Elden Ring 4k 60fps on my rig with maxed settings, for example. This one, I cannot play unless I reduce the resolution to 70% and even then I don’t have consistent FPS at 4k res.
  • Installed the game to a Samsung 980 Pro SSD and there are major stutters, they look like loading stutters or shader compilation stutters.
  • On Steam Deck, the game runs poorly even on the lowest setting possible.
  • There needs to be a way to move the camera with the right stick to look around.
  • The game is too zoomed out, everything is too small, and I am using a 48 inch monitor! On smaller screens, such as the Deck, the game is nearly unplayable, everything is way too small and way zoomed out. I don’t know how this game is even playable on anything smaller than 32 inches.
  • Last but not least, there REALLY needs to be music, even sparse ambient music similar to Elden Ring or BOTW\TOTK. There’s barely any music in this game, at least so far. Pretty disappointing after Ori, which had amazing music all the way through. After landing to the island, there hasn’t been any music until the boss fight. Really wtf is up with this lack of music?

Other than that, the game seems pretty good. I don’t mind the durability or the difficulty, at least so far. Story seems good and the world and lore is interesting. I have no issues with the gameplay so far. Keep up the good work.

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I got similar issues. My rig is better than the recomended specs, yet i struggle to constantly run the game above 30 fps.