Some personal feedback

I’m a Chinese gamer, I don’t know English, so I used a translation to explain this passage. As far as the bug I’ve encountered, after jumping into the water from a height, there will be a weapon no attack sound (I don’t know if it only appears after jumping into the water or what, but I jump into the water every time I have this problem). Handle pressing skills sometimes doesn’t come out. Yesterday, after the April 23rd update, the frame always drops, I don’t know when the optimization problem or what. When my graphics card is on standby on the main page, the graphics card fan turns very strongly, but after entering the game, it is not so powerful. After yesterday’s update, the enchanter doesn’t sell gems.,And this gem enchantment mechanism is a bit humorous.,It’s hard to wash out a good weapon.,If a gem is the lowest value, then it’s not washed in vain?
I won’t mention some other common bugs
Some of the problems I am currently encountering. Let’s talk about some of the issues commonly discussed in domestic forums: 1. I think that the stacking of items and the lattice of items are too against the sky. 2. The negative effect of some purple equipment is too great, resulting in its side effects far greater than the positive effect. 3. The golden equipment should be dropped with a guarantee, otherwise it can only be re-brushed in the backfile or the box after hitting the Echo Knight with SL brush. 4、Map teleportation mechanism,Why not make it possible to teleport to various areas at will?5、Some monsters are too powerful and unreasonable.,Especially the monster with a big hammer.,4 consecutive hits are also immune to bullets.。 6. It’s disgusting to use real time for the construction system and the fact that the mine merchant only comes every Saturday, 7. The monster lock can’t switch by itself. 8. The problem of optimization, many people are talking about this problem now, and there is also the problem of weapon balance. 9. Introduction to weapon rune skills, you don’t even know what this rune is for before you use it, and the weapon gem can’t be covered or removed after it’s hit.
At present, I think this game is quite playable, and I will also recommend playing games around me, looking forward to subsequent optimizations and plot updates