Skin, transmog and vanity

This idea of ​​changing SKINS could be something to consider! I think it’s worth the discussion, what do you think? It would be interesting?


I’m all for transmogs in RPGs. I hate when the armor I like the most has horrible stats for my build.


Transmog seems like a trivial system to implement compared to the amount of content it creates.

It definitely is one of the best systems to implement in a game.


I also like transmog systems but I think it comes with the downside of lowering the immersion.

It reduces the identify of each piece of amour and it makes me less excited about getting new gear (new gear will only be about optimizing numbers).
The look of each player will no longer show their current strength/latest achievement.


I would like to see more souls likes, and ARPGs for that matter, copy the armor dye system that was in Lords of the Fallen (2023). It was simple but added a nice flair of personal choice when doing my fashion-souls.


Ultimately the whales want something to buy, and show they can afford it :slight_smile: I like the dye option though, individuality without faking it.

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I agree, I believe that the dye system would be the coolest to fit these aspects.
Or maybe a transmog just between a few specific types, like light, medium, and heavy armor.


That’s not the point of discussion here, I’m completely against microtransactions. Even the Devs have said that they have no intention of creating microtransactions


I’d tweak the proposal to implement in-game dye tubs (e.g. sold at a vendor after a quest) which could be utilised for painting the parts of your property/equipment or even the shafts of your weapon to make them stand out from the crowd for a bit. Also, it’d be a nice way for some hefty silver sinks.

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Ok, so what about this:

Transmog + dyes. Transmog locked based on equipment weight (can only transmog light armour with light armor appeareance) maybe unique items appeareance is always locked to help immersion.


Fully agree with this - i’m not an experienced RPG player but why would you want to change the armour look - surely the whole point of finding something new and amazing for the stats is the whole point and if you could just change it to a different look then it would take the whole variety away from the game - changing look of character = changing stats etc… but what do i know? :man_shrugging:

also it would give players no idea what they were facing in a pvp situ as the weapon and armour would give them an idea what they were up against?

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I like the idea of having the dyes sold or rare ones dropped. I didn’t think of painting your player house or separate parts of items, that could be a good addition as well.


The tinct system was SO good in LOTF '23 I can’t even express it enough.

Big yes to outfit dyes, this should be a standard in RPGs.


The gameplay videos and interviews told a lot, but also left a lot out. The game isn’t out yet, but I’ll try to expand on the idea of transmog/colors/skins and look at it from different angles.

I’m revisiting the gameplay video of Wicked Inside Showcase there are white colors (steel), red, green armor. You just want red armor to be any color, and blue armor to be white and so on. For me, there is the concept of binding colors for runes on weapons. Fire is yellow, lightning is blue, and poison is green. From that position, one might not want to use green for a weapon that will shoot lightning. You can ask for transmogrification, although mixing some colors is uninteresting and inappropriate, but you want to have that freedom in the game. Then it should be unobtrusive and not mottled.
I don’t think colors are tasteless, unless they are very pale.

First you have to play the game and figure out what you don’t like/what you need to make unique. You can say today that you don’t like weapon skins, tomorrow that you don’t like armor, and the day after that you don’t like enemy skins, game style and ask for mods. This already means that you do not like the game.
So far the ideas are offered in general and no one is clinging to any particular armor. The game looks so bad that this system should be introduced tomorrow or very good that maybe there is no point in introducing it yet!? Where should we focus the idea of ​​transmog?

The theme is good, it leads to the uniqueness of your home, your look. I think this is future content and will be more relevant when there will be PvE and PvP in the game. For PvE it says a lot about having people come to your house, help you with resources. That suggestion to change the overall look of your home it really leads to uniqueness. The house, the walls (maybe the ceiling, floor) you painted one color and your friend transformed it into another, you share impressions, objects in the house. It’s also important to understand in 4 player multiplayer there will be 4 houses on the map or there will only be a host/shared house. But we have to recognize that if I visit you and your house is not faded, it will be nice for me too. Then I will invite you to my place and you will see how I have transformed the house:)
I also compare this to The Outlast Trials, where you can visit another player, just for aesthetics, to see what he put in the room, how he painted it. There’s a bunch of skins (not infinite), but the problem there is the placement of invertar. There is not so that one option and the proposal of its repainting (colors), but just a mishmash in a row.

Regarding weapons and armor. Palette colors. Examples. Unobtrusiveness.

Here is already a complex topic and want to talk about colors. Very bright colors of armor and weapons destroy the atmosphere of the game. One side you shouldn’t judge everyone by themselves, but what about the atmosphere of the game and PvP? We don’t know if there will be a level equation in PvP when it comes to the game. Will skins be disabled in PvP, or will it be unique to each of us? But I think that if 2 players in PvP meet with the same weapon/armor it won’t be interesting.
There are games that are limited in colors, have mixed colors, and there are games that have a full color spread. I’ll give examples of fighting/souls games. Mortal Kombat 1. If you go into this game you will see that the primary colors are yellow and red. Most of the skins also have the same palette. There are some premium skins that look in other colors. But the colors of the character skins are primarily tied to the style of the game.

Remnant For The Ashes. In the DLC appeared merchant from whom you can buy armor skins. In the example above mentioned more Lords of The Fallen (2023). In these games the colors are made unobtrusively and it’s good. There are games that provide a large palette of skins.
It is too early to say, but still for No Rest For The Wicked it is better to have not bright colors, colors that will not stand out.

But we also have to talk about something even more important. This is what the paint system will be like - free or paid for resources? What are the limitations of the game? I think that free painting is not interesting. There’s not much information about getting resources, but no one is bringing up the topics about daily/weekly quests, and they are announced. If farming comes into the game, you can’t plant a crop to harvest in a second! That would be complete nonsense. It might be interesting to go into the game tomorrow to get the resources. I have a feeling it will be like Hogwarts Legacy, only even longer in time. It’s faster to get a fish than it is to collect crops and the game has day and night cycles.
But the trick is that there are no microtransactions in the game, but what if there are those who start asking to make the process faster? That’s the kind of thing in mobile games, you have to pay for it, and that’s not good.
Maybe new hobbies will bring resources to transmog, i.e. there will be a division in the game?

So where do you get the resources to paint weapons?
It’s also worth talking about resurrecting enemies. I heard in some interview, probably from a streamer, that enemy resurrection will not be in the game. Sorry, there’s no proof of that. Most likely someone made a mistake and it’s a lie. I didn’t watch the three hour gameplay video so as not to get spoilers, and here I only have to guess by pulling details from various interviews and 30 minutes of gameplay. We see how the weather changes in the same location (can’t be a coincidence not to come back?:)).
Daily quest information. The interview says that one player can kill a boss early, at level 10, and another at level 30 (this is already some principle of Hades, Rogue Legacy 2, where you die to pass on. Elden Ring, where you yourself choose when to come to a certain boss, which way to go, etc. Sorry for the confusion, but I think the point is clear).
It’s also noted that you have a choice to make: spend resources on yourself or create/improve items in housing. From all of this, the conclusion is that we will be returning to regions, this is not a linear playthrough. Then there’s grind, farming enemies.
Where else to get “extra resources”?
It is unlikely that the game will have any trees where you first fought an enemy and immediately cut down, although who knows.
There are also challenges, and they too may bring some resources, maybe which can then be spent on painting? It’s also important to note what limitations the game will have. If it’s a choice between where to pour resources into, and they are limited in the game, then the idea of paid painting is to get it for a different type of resource, or just get it for a much smaller amount of resources.

Animations. What the paint job looks like.

Figuratively speaking introducing a transmog system by copying it from some game under the guise of “ctrl+c - ctrl+v” is not surprising.
Building a house and painting seconds doesn’t good. Why don’t we have workers who do it for a certain amount of time? Is this really something that can be solved in a game with a couple of mouse clicks? Combat has a more gradual pace and thought out, and here clicked and already got? :smiley:
Just like a blacksmith forges your weapons, armor painting should be done with spectacular animations. I don’t find it interesting to click once - get black color, click a second time - get blue, teleport and in 10 seconds already in battle.
This all suggests that the activities on the workbench in the game is available with animations and involvement in the case, so the painting should be so.

To summarize, I want to say that such a system is needed in the game, but not right away, for me new content and expanding current content is more important than painting. No matter how you feel about wanting to repaint your armor, the game still looks amazing without it. Overpaint without good action, animation, getting resources is tasteless. One click and change color at the merchant is uninteresting. Why then the equipment (machinery) in the house and the motives for farming? :))
If it’s going to be hard to see your character or enemies, you’ll need to talk about it more. But the fact that the game won’t have microtransactions or dlc, which means you can demand to repaint anything you want is very brave :slight_smile:

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It was a good read ! In my observations of time with gaming…Anything that would personalize your "Paper Doll " for others to view in game would be appreciated in content. It’s the “LOOK” that makes you feel like hopping around a big map! Taking out Mr. BOSS!

Ell :slightly_smiling_face:

Transmog would be great. In ffxiv the transmog was the real end game. Hopefully it gets implemented here. Also hope for some gear that doesnt look like crap when we get an update. Theres very few pieces currently that dont look bad.

I think we shouldn’t have skins in this game. Or at least it should be for in-game currency, not real money.

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Grimoire system to collect all armor appearances. So on a specific NPC, you could open this grimoire and choose the transmorg

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