Add Transmog To Change Gear Appearances

I think a transmog system that lets you change the appearance of any gear item to look like any other item you’ve found would be great. I understand some people like having to stick with whatever the gear is “supposed” to look like, but I think many people, myself included, would like to customize our character to look how we’d like without sacrificing stats.

There are a few other posts on this, but the forum doesn’t seem to have a clear upvoting feature, so I’m posting again for visibility.


Transmog is excellent in some games, but my humble opinion is that no level 5 character should look sick in NRFtW. Transmog takes away the insanely satisfying feeling of getting some cool-looking and good-stat pants / chest / gloves / helmet later on.

Running around like peons in the first levels is a design and character story, not only stats-wise but cosmetics-wise. It’s OK to look like a fool for a while. Around level 10, you start to look good, and around level 20, you get to wear some really dope armor. Patience.


Maybe if transmog would be character specific new characters would still look like noobs but the better u get the better options u unlock. Or it could also be lvl dependant so as u level u unlock more options for transmog (each transmog requires specific level).

Anyway im all in for any kind of transmog system.


I actually like that idea!

For sure. I don’t mind looking goofy at low level, that’s even part of the charm and, like you said, makes getting cool looking gear more rewarding later on. But even later you may not like the look of the gear and would prefer to have its stats while using the cosmetic appearance of another item. Like @keniak313 suggested, transmog could be unlockable later on. Personally, I would like to see that unlock available once reaching Sacrament, but I would be ok with it being reserved for level 15-20 perhaps.

And I would say you should still need to find items that you want the use the cosmetic of. You shouldn’t just get access to make all your gear look however you want right off the bat. You should still need to find cool looking items, but once you do, you can apply their cosmetic appearance to any other item. Lots of games do this and it works well. A recent AAA example would be Hogwarts Legacy or Horizon Forbidden West.


I agree, there should be transmog in the game, I’m lvl 15 and I still look like a peasant. Once I reach lvl 21 I want to wear the Cerim armor only for its looks, but I’m certain I’ll have better gear stats wise. So transmog for me is a good option to change how you look any time you want


Exactly. Honestly, I wasn’t a big transmog fan until they added it to Horizon Forbidden West, but now I’m always going to want it in a game. There’s basically no downside. It’s just a win for everyone.

Just a (probably useless) sidenote, “transmog” is a term specific to WoW, and also didn’t even exist there during that game’s most popular era. Every game seems to have a different name for it (e.g. Monster Hunter World calls it “layers”, Final Fanasy XIV calls it “glamours”, LoTRO used “wardrobe”), so for your titles and descriptions when asking for this sort of thing it might help (clarity-wise) to use more generic terms for cosmetic appearance options when describing what you want.

On topic, I do like when games provide this feature.

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Well, cosmetics are more skins outside the ones from gear, they are usually sold/attainable seperately. Whilst transmog means transmogrification, where you have a set of gear on you but you use another gear just for aesthetics. But to each their own. Overall, yes, call it what you may, I just wanna look cool without the downsides of stats.

I see. I guess I’ve always understood transmog to be the more general term. What term would you prefer to see?

I don’t have a preference for a particular term. I simply mean that when asking for a feature the developers and other forum users might not recognize what you’re talking about if you rely on a term used by one specific game rather than using a more generic description.

Ok. I think most people understand transmog as the most generic term for what we’re talking about here, but if you can think of a more generic term let us know. I’d be curious to know if there is one. “Appearance changing”? “Cosmetic customization”?

I wouldn’t mind transmog and other customization being money/resource sinks, instead of the way the economy is based around tedious item management right now.

There’s so much cool stuff the game could reward us with instead of reducing artificially implemented tedium.

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Hah, I honestly don’t know. “Add option to apply other armor appearances as a cosmetic-only skin”? At least at a glance everyone knows what that title means.

I’m all for cosmetic options so the more eyeballs on this the better.

I’ve honestly never heard transmog used to describe the system outside of WoW or players referencing WoW. I stopped using it after having to clarify what it meant a few times to non-WoW players. WoW is not as popular as it used to be and the transmog system didn’t even exist until the end of Cataclysm (and that was past the game’s peak).

Big agree, every game that features swappable armour skins that 3d modelers have worked hard on deserves a Transmog/Glamour/Layered Armor system… in addition to that, every game that features a customizable face deserves a hide helmet option.

Let the players express themselves to their utmost desires.


Oh yes good point! A hide helmet option is a must as well imo.

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Exactly! Let us appreciate your artists, Moon Studios! I love the art direction, just give us a little more control over our appearance please. Heck, I’m fine if they only ever add a hide helmet option. Would I want transmog or layers or wardrobe stuff still? Absolutely.

u would get this by picking loot? so whats stopping u from picking loot from ur previous characters that is now in ur chests?

Interesting point. I assume you’re talking about playing with a new character in an existing realm where you leave items in the community chest or a chest at your house? If so, I guess the answer is yes, you would be able to use the cosmetic look of items from your previous character. But, of course, you can use the items from your previous character as well in that scenario, so why not be able to use their cosmetic as well?

well since thats the case is there any point of limiting cosmetics to character instead of the game itself? you can always move characters between realms and just give them cosmetics. And sicne thats the case, arent we back to original issue people had with transmog being available right away?