Sell / Store option while exploring

While out exploring or farming, once your inventory gets full, you have to stop and head back to town to sell / store / breakdown equipment AND then get back to doing what you planned on doing in the first place.

What if we had a companion that we could call ( like in ESO) to either sell or store items so we dont have to break the flow?

You call a courier / raven / wolf that comes to you inthe world, you place your items in its store and mark it for storage or selling and off it goes.

I’d rather just have a infinite inventory so I just have to go back to town to upgrade gear and sell stuff

that works to if we can get it

Assuming the devs connect all storage chest and link everything with the vendors I don’t see the point with a companion for selling/storing things. There is a teleporter around almost every corner to port to town and back again.