A few suggestions from my experience

• Selling at a vendor
I’ve almost sold gear I wanted to keep as sometimes the items rearrange in unexpected ways.
If the selling UI could be like some MMOs where you select items to go into the selling window (similar to a chest) to then sell at the end.

• Gear inventory
Similar to Borderlands, I think it would be nice to mark gear items as ‘favourite’ so that they always appear as the first items in the grid.

• Camera
Camera offsets in combat get frustrating, especially as off-screen enemies don’t make sound. An example of this being the crucible room where you jump into cave pool - the camera pulls towards where the witch is even if it’s dead or wasn’t spawned.
Also, can there be a wider range for entities making sound? It’s rather displeasing getting smacked by a lunge attack or projectile from off-screen without the audio cue.

• Runes
Can there be descriptions of the actions performed, focus cost and damage/effects on the runes? Or maybe a preview of the action on the Rune insert/extract screen?
I’ve been finding out what they do by buying swords/greatswords from the blacksmith, inserting a rune, trying it out, then extracting it to use or store.
(EDIT) It also seems that the ‘Throw’ rune can be applied to all weapons except one-handed spears, despite stating just “weapon”.

• In-game Start Menu
Could there be an option to set menu navigation exclusively to the D-pad so that I can continue movement?
I usually end up choosing something other than ‘inventory’ because I didn’t fully release the analogue stick before pausing.

• Lock On
The feint orange dot becomes a bit hard to see at times, especially with multiple enemies, if they’re wearing red armour, have fire weapons or are on fire.