Just a thought after playing almost 30h

what do you think about adding a pet companion that can carry some loot let’s say it has 10 slots space for extra loot when your bag full in my opinion it can be a solution for inventory lack of space even with the ichor system still lacking space when I farm, and most will prefer the extra slot for the rings / extra slot for weapon and maybe you can add later on cosmetics or different kind of pets for real money store but at least leave the base pet as free that comes with the base game .

let me know what you think best regards all and happy gaming

Oh I kinda like that- a little Medium Chest that follows me around :smiley:


I think that’d be pretty impossible considering the verticality of the game…unless it was some kind of bird haha


well bird can be ok to lol :slight_smile:

Or, just auto send extra loot to chest back home. increase size of said chest and everyone is happy!

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Or maybe make it a bird with reviving ability after fully upgraded (Wicked die twice).


I like the idea. And sooner or later, if they want to keep adding content they will need some kind of additional income.

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