Fats travel, chest and markets

Hello moon studio,

Thanks for working on such an amazing game like Wicked. It’s amazing so far and I’ve just reached the first 10 hrs.

I don’t know if this can be really useful since I believe you should be free to design the experience as you like. I just want to share how I feel about it.

Specifically I feel really frustrated by the fast travel mechanic, limited chest / resource inventory and market. ( Considering my previous experience with souls game)

Anytime I go away from sacrament I end up collecting tons of resources for crafting or equipment. This force me to kill most part of my inventory during the run. I see that is possible to expand but in the early game is terrible considering that I don’t know what to keep and what not.

Fortunately there is a chest in the tower but… Also that is limited! It’s drive me crazy!

But the fun part is when I want to buy/improve something from some merchant. Everytime I have to do this back and forth between the chest and them. I cannot remember every resource, so it’s really hard to visualise what I want to buy and what resource I need to collect or I already have.

In the moment I need some resources I want to remember where it is and I cannot fast travel there. I have first to walk back every time.

With this mechanic I feel that I spend more time backtracking walking the same zone instead of exploring new areas ahead.

This is just my feedback about the first 10 hrs, hopefully I’ll keep enjoy the game beside this problem (for me).

Thank you and great work!

I think the storage system needs some work as well. However, once you progress and complete a specific questline, you can buy a house and decorate it with chests. While it might still be a bit clunky, this gives you access to significantly more storage space than the single chest inside the tower.

Additionally, the developers are working on a system that will allow crafting to pull items directly from storage without needing them in your inventory. So we can look forward to that! :slight_smile: