Roadmap Priority

Looking at how it’s currently listed on Steam (where MP, PVP are listed first), I hope that the main story contents will be #1 priority before multiplayer stuff:

  • Expanded story content and chapters

  • Additional map regions

  • More weapons, armor, rare items, and gear

  • New enemies and bosses

What good is MP when the meat of the game is barebones. You’ll attract more interest if the main story and content are more fleshed out. Prioritizing MP before these, well I could see an initial player surge, but without a fully thought out main content, early adopters will lose interest fast.

Just my .02 cents

Also hope you prioritize optimizing the game before launch as well, as it’s getting tiring to have so many new games these days launch broken. Thanks!


That’s also my concern we end up with 4h long chapter 1 with multiplayer for months till the updated 2 and 3. So what we will do in coop same few hours of content?
Also pvp for me is always bam bam some and lost interest cause push nothing forward.
Personaly i prefer more farm updated instead of that multiplayer but still we dont know how big will be that chapter 1.

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So, what’s the expected playtime on day 1?" you ask?
You’re looking at around 15 to 25 hours for your first playthrough, including the Crucible!
Those who further engage with endgame challenges, bounties, and the town meta systems can enjoy the same realm for much longer.

Check discord :slight_smile:

The roles implementing multiplayer largely do not overlap the staff creating content. These will be parallel developments.