Early feedback (I like it)

So I played a little now, got the combat down, saw the performance, menu and controls.
So first the combat is wonderful, I think you did a really well job with it, no bad things here.
Performance wise it looks different, I play on a 3060 and the game runs meh. I caped it at 45fps and that works fine, but I would love to be able to run the game with 60fps and with no stutters nor dips in the low 20, so here is work needed if it is possible.
Now menu and controls, the menu works fine you just need to get used to it and the controls with mouse and keyboard aren’t perfect. It sometimes feels clunky, and it doesn’t do what I want, especially the jump, run and climb button. Please add a way to rebind all of those and add a option to change between Xbox and Ps5 button layouts.

Now I have a question.
Does the multiplayer on the roadmap mean full multiplayer like having multiplayer content and matchmaking or is it just like coop, I can play with a friend and that’s it.

Anyway thanks for this game I really like it even with my low fps and sometimes the weird controls, I look forward for what the future holds for the game:)