General Feedback after about 6 hours (PC and ROG Ally)


  1. The world feels absolutely fantastic, I love the verticality.
  2. Respawning of enemies as it is implemented feels great. I think that respawning after death would be horrible as the game is at the moment. What I would love to see is to be better informed what actions will cause them to respawn.
  3. New fog of war is a good way of showing what areas have respawns, but in the town it is just annoying.
  4. Not being able to pause the game in single player is not great.
  5. The teleport implementation is interesting, I think this could work for a good part of the game. I hope that there will be an upgrade a some point to teleport to every whisper.


  1. Gathering resources feels super slow, if there are more tiers of tools coming which will shorten this, it could be fine. But I would suggest, that the time will be lower in general an more tiers will earn more resources.
  2. The day and night cycle in the game feels very natural. In single player I would love to have the possibility to advance time by sleeping.
  3. More on Time: Having to wait real time for stuff in the town to finish is the worst. Making a player wait in real time is just so off putting in a single player game, I don’t understand the thought behind this.


  1. Combat feels very satisfying.
  2. Healing economy might need a little tweaking.
  3. Maybe add a stamina bar under the health bar and/or make the stamina bar at the character more visible.


  1. See last point in combat.
  2. One should be able to compare equipment better.
  3. Enemy look on is poorly visible.
  4. I think the contrast of UI elements in general could be tweaked.



  • Specs
    • CPU: Intel Core i7-13700KF
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
    • Memory: 32 GB DDR5-5600
    • Drive: Samsung SSD 980 Pro
  • Performace:
    • 75 to 90 FPS at 1440p with highest settings
    • ~ 40 FPS at 4K with highest setting
    • In all circumstances there are considerable slow downs, albeit seldom.
    • Still a lot of room for optimization

ROG Ally

  • Performace:
    • ~ 30 - 40 FPS at 900p with lowest setting
    • In all circumstances there are considerable slow downs, not seldom here.
    • It certainly is playable at the moment, but it is a struggle at times.
    • That being said, I not yet have had the time to really tweak the settings an do a lot of optimization.