QoL improvements from first 10 levels

Can I suggest some QoL improvements?

  1. Ability to reset points - first zone doesn’t have all weapons and they already require you to invest into something before trying magic/bow/axe. Either add some weapons early to know what difference there is. I saved 12 points before using any and still didn’t drop magic weapon to test
  2. Ability to swap weapons easily. It would be huge QoL if I could switch between 2h and 1h+shield easily or between bow and daggers
  3. When I update misc shop early it doesn’t sell tier 1 things anymore. I toiled with gathering resources so I can’t easily progress to with the rest as no tier 1 resources available in the shop. Supper annoying.
  4. Don’t cancell challenges with “A” button. You take it and remove with “A” button and I’ve accidentaly removed them all :confused:
  5. This auto leave from game on twitch rewards is so annoying, clicked in multiple times when exploring menu
  6. IMPORTANT: Not enough space for resources (I took resources as first expand and still). If I didn’t I would quite this game already
  7. UPDATE: getting food recipes is too hard especially when combined with 3) I have tons of dracena or fish but cant cook them. Nobody seems to be selling these recipes and they didn’t drop. I am lacking this first lvl grass for recipes all the time.

Smaller stuff:
6) Some raw DPS on weapons. This sword from first boss is such a bait.
7) It took me a while to discover that you can’t jump on not activated ladders. Basically this game doesn’t explain that you can’t jump early
8) In tutorial (ship) you open tapdoor but in the game none of trapdoors seem to open for me
9) I am playing with PS5 controller and have to map to XBOX in my head
10) Finding lvl 11 gear and can’t use it - bit annoying

BTW loving the game, especially arts and exploration part so far. Bosses fights also dope (animation & sound)


Agree with pretty much everything here、the ichor upgrades for the inventory, save for the ring slots, feels like a quality of life improvement that could simply be in the game instead of needing to unlock it.

I agree with the little storage. There are a lot of materials in each tier, plus different weapons/armor. With 40 slots I feel like I’m lacking space.

right now i’m feeling like this inventory system don’t have to exist, looks like it works like this to incentivate building a house, but if the only purpose of the house is to store items, istead of making me go back and forth just make a infinite inventory and create a consumable limit like elden ring, where you can have a bunch of them on inventory but can just use a few before resting on a site of grace, they also could make enemies respawn when resting too, would be easier to farm without having to wait a certain time.