Please don't nerf difficulty

As the title says, please don’t nerf the difficulty. This happened in Lies of P and (IMO) made that game not as enjoyable (the game is still enjoyable in general though). I’m not against difficulty options, but if that direction is considered there has to be benefits to higher difficulty. Remnant II does this well with additional rewards and bonus scrap. In Wicked, a bonus drop rate of unique items and more coin/xp would be a good set of benefits to play with.


People that complain about difficulty prob dont interact with many of the upgrade options. If you use your runes and upgrade your gear the game is very manageable. I think the bossfights are actually pretty easy too compared to some other games out there… Also if you backstab enemies the fights become pretty trivial too xd. Ofc if youve never played a soulslike and are expecting a diablo clone youre gonna be in for a rough time


Agreed. I also don’t thing they are bad, as they are still fun! Could use some tuning up if anything.

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The difficulty is very good right now. I think it’s hard, but it isn’t a “nightmare”. In its current state, you must have been in combat quite a few times to master your loadout/weapon of choice, which is excellent. Mastery should come with experience.


yeah agreed, I think the bosses are a lot of fun and in a very enjoyable spot. I was just a bit surprised when I fought the first gatekeeper and the dude barely grazed me with his hits lol. The health pool is fine with them but they could hit slightly harder for sure


For real. I was worried after the first hot fix already addressing some of the complaints about stamina. You start with low stamina… so you play around that. You then level up and can put more points into stamina… like thats how games work lol

I agree though, if people really want it easier, make an easy difficulty so they can steam roll through the game. but leave the challenge for those that want to use the gameplay systems as intended


I totally agree, the game is certainly challenging but not overly difficult. It seems very well calculated, I hope they don’t decide to lower the difficulty


The difficulty should remain where it is. There are already too many games out there where your hand is held and indicators are placed everywhere telling you what to do. If an old fart like me can manage to defeat Darak without the game holding my hand then they are likely in a good spot. It gives us the sense of satisfaction when we complete these hard fights.

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Amen. And don’t add difficulty options. People just need to get past the first boss lol. Game is a cake walk from then tbh.

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Totally agree,

I did the same topic on Steam Discussions this morning. Please Devs, listen to nolkght.


That’s a bad argument re: stamina.

All you’re arguing for is unexplained trap for new players. The other stats are at reasonable levels. You have okay health, okay carry weight, other stats are fine and you only need to put in literally 1 point to qualify for most items.

But stamina is maybe 3-5 points too low (i.e. 10-15 actual stamina).

The game plays badly and isn’t fun or engaging if you don’t immediately put points in stamina. That’s not good. That’s not fun. That’s not “skilful play”. That’s not “hardcore” or whatever. It’s just bad. All it does is hurt players who don’t know that specific trick, who trust the game gave them okay stats like the rest of their stats.

You want to ensure the game never finds an audience, and gets a ton of refunds? Keep stamina too low at the start. But well-designed games don’t do this - none of the Souls games do, nor does Elden Ring, for example. If anything in those you want to look at health before stamina, generally.

Once I had 5 points in stamina, I didn’t get magically get better at the game, but fights got a lot easier. If the game had said “Hey, put all your early points in stamina”, that’d be fine, but it didn’t and unless we just want new players to be like “Wtf man?!” and quit, it should be changed. It doesn’t make “more casual”. It just makes it better designed.

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I’m totally agree with the author of this topic.

When I saw the notes of the first patch I was worrying the game will be more and more soft and will lose all the goods elements of the “survival RPG” aspect of the game.

This game is more than a simple soulslike thanks to those mecanics and it should remain like that.

I hope the game will keep this direction and not make the durability, stamina and others constraints totally obsolete


I reached a point where I’m such a brickwall that I can just facetank everyting and just spam light attacks (even on the echo knight). There’s ways to make builds so tanky that it makes the game easier. I hope they don’t nerf bosses or anything, its fine as it is right now


@Jujo Maybe on the contrary, the game become too easy and needs a difficulty buff ? Yout message suggest that

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Oh I mean there will always be ways to ‘break the game’ with certain items, which is completely fine, like an arpg should be. I’m saying I can’t really die anymore as long as I can attack something, but my damage is pretty low to be fair, so its a trade.

I think nerfing or buffing encounters right now should be very low in the priority list since there’s a lot of issues that needs more attention. Something as stupid as a better inventory management when in sacrament would probably encourage players way more to upgrade their gear, hence making the game easier. Clay being basically inaccessible past a certain point in the game makes it so lvling your crafting areas to level3 is an absolute pain, so a lot of people just don’t do it (makes the game harder).

The ‘‘tiers’’ in gear is also a problem. When you finish the first act, you unlock tier 3 items (level21) regardless of your level, so if you finish it around level13-14 like I did, you end up almost unable to get any form of upgrades until you hit 21, the power boost I gained on that level though, my goodness.

So yeah, all and all don’t touch the difficulty, at least right now, there’s plenty of things they can change right now that will make the game easier anyway, for those that it bothers, and to those who want more of a challenge, go low weight glass cannon, you’ll get your challenge.

maybe it depends on the first weapon you encounter, if its a 2 handed one i could see it being hard to manage.

I found a 1 hand sword first. I tried to do the dark souls constant rolling and attack spam. when i realized that didnt work, I started waiting for the enemies to attack first, and then would smack once, and roll out. I did that until I leveled and then put 3 points into stamina. I haven’t put another point in since

Maybe it just depends on past experience with games. Coming from dark souls & monster hunter, i’m used to positioning and stamina management

Yeah and the weapons you encounter after the wreck are random (AFAICT). They can’t nerf the stamina costs on 2H weapons because they’d be OP, but they could balance this better. It’s not an accident almost all of us noticed it - because you start with a 1H on the ship, you learn how to use stamina for a 1H, and you do have just barely enough for that - I’d say it’s still a little low, but not critically. If you get a 2H, it is critically low.

Like you I’m an experienced Souls and MH player, so I immediately recognised the issue and knew how to fix it (esp. as my HP bar didn’t seem short at all, relative to hits). But most players buying this won’t be. The guy who bought me my copy - he’s not, for example. I know it would take him a while to figure out stamina was the both the problem, and fixable quickly (because you get quite a lot of stamina, compared to say, Elden Ring, per point invested - in Elden Ring it take you levels and levels and levels to get 20% more stamina - here it’s like 2 levels - but you have to know that it’s the problem and that it’s easy to fix - which people won’t).

Re: difficulty I think the combat is pretty well-balanced, and indeed, might even need tuning UP later on (not at the very start), even if some specific enemies just feel bad and should be changed (crossbow guys for example), but this is a bad mechanic that makes the combat feel 5x harder than it actually is until you get those points in stamina yourself. Then suddenly it’s like “Oh, this isn’t hard at all”, just that 20% or so of extra stamina does it.

slap life gain per damage % and stam gain per damage % rings and you are good to go. can just go unga bunga and go ez mode

I didn’t like how the crossbow guys could switch from shooting an arrow to their sword so fast… that felt a little cheesy to me. Def need to balance some enemy attack animations

Maybe a good idea would be for them to add a starting class (saw this in another thread), with a short description so people could start with a weapon that fits their play style. The majority of new players like your friend are not gonna enjoy the 2H weapons until they get used to combat. Starting them out with dual knives or sword & shield would help a lot

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