Picking up chest destroys items if inventory full

I had several full chests in my house, decided to buy a new one and move the chests. My inventory was nearly full on resources.

In my new house when placing the chests I noticed that they were empty and the contents that could not fit in my inventory seems to be gone. They are not in the community chest. Such a bummer.

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I got the same issue. was rearranging the chest, and lost a box full of resources. was about to report this actually. Just checking if somebody else had done so. But yeah. I was surprised that its gone immediately cause I expect either the items was dropped, or gone to wherever. But nah its just gone

There should either make the items dropped, disable removal for chest with items stored, or atleast placed a clear warning (because there is none)

I was about to report this, too. It happened to me as well.