Patch Notes - Early Access Hotfix 2

:hammer_and_wrench: Patch Notes - Early Access Hotfix 2

No Rest for the Devs as we’re back with another hotfix! Today’s hotfix aims to improve Performance (woooo!), Durability, Food costs, as well as introducing fishing rods to Whittacker’s loot table. We’ve also improved enemy spawning in Nameless Pass, fixed some gaps in localization, and squashed a handful of bugs.

Keep sending us your feedback (and bug reports)! Now onto the patch notes.

:crossed_swords: Performance Improvements:

  • Improved overall rendering performance
  • Additional optimizations in Balanced and Performance Quality Modes
  • Improved overall performance of Visual Effects and Fog
  • Improved performance on the Ship Prologue
  • Additional smaller performance improvements

:crossed_swords: Balance Changes:

  • Increased Durability on tools:
    • Tier 1 - 100 Durability
    • Tier 2 - 125 Durability
    • Tier 3 - 150 Durability
  • Nerfed Silver Ring’s enchantment and buffed base stats
  • Buffed Riven Twins Boss by removing stagger on parry

:crossed_swords: Loot Changes:

  • Moved Water Channel key to a chest in the Black Trench while we investigate Plague Leader not spawning for certain players
  • Adjusted Food costs to be more balanced in terms of cost to health gained
  • Improved drops for Clay and other rocks at Dig Spots
  • Introduced fishing rods to Whittacker’s loot table

:crossed_swords: Crafting Changes:

  • Added Tool crafting at Crafting Tables

:crossed_swords: Area Changes:

  • Improved critter spawns (such as Deer) in some areas
  • Improved enemy spawning in Nameless Pass
  • Added a few more loot spawn locations in Nameless Pass
  • Polished art and climbables for Mariner’s Keep

:crossed_swords: Combat Improvements:

  • Adjusted Wolf and Plague Wolf targeting to remove aggressive rotation
  • Improved Audio for Riven Twins Boss

:crossed_swords: Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing text in Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Fixed certain interaction texts appearing in the wrong language
  • Improved clarity for Filmore’s free repairs till you reach Sacrament
  • Fixed Map not showing area names on hover
  • Fixed enemies becoming kaijus (visually)
  • Fixed Echo Knight Boss AoE damage zone not matching visual effects
  • Fixed Shinies and Chests visually pulling a disappearing act in sewers
  • Fixed deleted chests not dropping loot bags when inventory is full
  • Removed the chest roasting over an open Campfire in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed rain sounds from occasionally appearing in the Phalen Church cinematic
  • Fixed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy screens so they appear correctly in all languages

thanks for all of the diligence in rolling out hotfixes. please consider taking a look at stash management and consider either increasing stash size or stack size. there is a constant point of trying to make a decision on whether to keep something or discard it. fast travel could use adjustment to have a list of points to travel from Sacrament instead of just traveling to last whisper.

game is really solid and just needs some QoL adjustments. thanks for all of the hard work!


Performance and durability changes are good! I personally think durability should be gone but it’s a bit better now and it’s good that changes are being taken like this in response to player feedback.

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My windows defender suddenly says now that the game has trojan horse alert…


I’m very happy that you guys are listening to your community and giving responses and updates in an impressive velocity… that is very professional, congratulatios to you guys and good work.


We’re looking into it, but try reinstalling the game. Another player reported the same thing and it seems that fixed it.

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Okay, thanks for the help :ok_hand:

I Did get the same, reinstalling will solve it

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It’s great to see such a quick turnaround on quite a few things I’ve seen mentioned. Really great Early Access commitment by Moon Studios!


Thank you for giving us updates this fast. I am so happy I gave you my money.

Make sure you get some rest during the weekend! We can wait a few days :slight_smile:


Another one haha, wow you guys are fast. Thanks!

In a futur update, may we have a real Stash and character inventory?

in one of your presentations you said…And i quote!
“If an item drops, You can pick it up”

well after less than 5 minutes of gameplay, it isnt the case anymore.

please increase the character holding capacity like…10X more
and stash with tabs or higher capacity

there is already a very low count of enemies in this game. so please dont make us having to go to stash every 5 minutes

your goal was to provide us with an amazing game to play for a long time
and you have delivered

our goal is to play it for as much time as we have available
and we can not deliver that with storage “road blocks”

i was expecting this to be in this patch as its the second most demanded community request.

i just hope there will be a good solution

so far love this game

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As soon as I try to reinstall, windows defender shut it down and I can’t open game when it’s done installing because of it.

This problem just started now, because I’ve been able to play 22,2 hours without any issues.
Screenshot 2024-04-21 025118

Yeah, I’m the player that shared the same issue, I was certain it was only me so I didn’t want to cause panic and deleted my post. But seems like I was wrong.

I tried reinstalling, didn’t work. Windows defender sends the same warning.

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We’re continuing to look into it. It seems its Windows Defender definitions sided. In the meantime, see if you can click the Actions button and restore from quarantine. You should also be able to whitelist/ignore the game directory in Defender.

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Running a GTX 1080 and I7 8700.

Its better, not where I want it to be but a big improvement from yesterday. Getting a relatively flat 55 to 60 on the ship on balanced with DSR. Until I get to a cutscene or the big fight on deck where it drops to the 30s. But kudos to the devs for such a quick hotfix.

Can confirm i also got the windows defender flagging the games exe as a trojan.

After allowing it, no problems.

More info:
Windows 11 Pro
Version: 23H2
OS Build: 22631.3447
Experience Pack: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22688.1000.0
Defender version: Windows Security Application Version: 1000.25992.0.9000
Windows Security Service Version: 1.0.2402.27001-0
rtx 4090
i7 13700k
32 GB Ram
installed on 1tb nvme ssd

Anyway it’s a minor issue. Keep up the good work :grinning: .

Is it any better on steam deck now for anyone?

Was wondering where you buy a Fishing Rod after I lost mine!

Thanks for all this!

Will we get PS5 controller prompts and the ability to change key binds soon?