Patch Notes - Early Access Hotfix 1

:hammer_and_wrench: Patch Notes - Early Access Hotfix 1

THANK YOU again to all of you for making our Early Access launch so amazing. Today’s hotfix is the first of many upcoming patches and updates to improve No Rest for the Wicked on the road to our 1.0 release.

We hear you! While we are hard at work on performance improvements and controller remapping, which are coming soon, please be sure to check the resolution settings for the game to be able to get the best experience in the meantime.

Today’s Day 2 hotfix aims to improve Balance, Durability, Stamina, Loot, Stability, and immediate Quality of Life:

:crossed_swords: Balance Changes:

• Reduced Durability Damage Taken
• Reduced Repair Costs
• Increased Drop Rate on Repair Powders
• Reduced Stamina Costs
• Reduced Fall Damage Curve
• Reduced cost of Horseshoe Crab and food that includes Horseshoe Crab
• Balance update for the Cerim Crucible boss
• Changed Corpse-Smeared Blade starting from Tier 2 to Tier 1

:crossed_swords: Loot Changes:

• Introduced more Weapons into Fillmore’s Pre-Sacrament Loot Table
• Reduced Drop Rate of Fallen Embers

:crossed_swords: Stability:

• Fixed crash that could occur when quitting out to the main menu

:crossed_swords: Bug Fixes:

• Improved inventory navigation
• Fixed jump at Potion Seller Cave so you can’t miss the jump when executed correctly
• Blocked off an out of bounds area of Nameless Pass
• Removed lingering dev tools


Nice! Durability is tiring as a whole consept, but gottta try it after this patch.

Quick question: Are you guys planning to add a respec system? At least something temporary? It’s a bit frustarting to not be able to change my stats since every weapon requires some form of dedication to it therefore you get stuck on it, and game starts to feel super repetitive, especially if you did not like the weapon.

One another thing, currently gears are dropping above my level nonstop, which is a bit tiring. Hope you guys are aware of it or if it is by design, for me I would say… it does not feel good.


we also need a fix to Clay not showing up and being very hard to farm


The quickness with which so many community feedback pieces have been addressed give me GREAT hope for this game throughout its Early access.

Kudos, sincerely


Thank you, great first batch of changes.

I beg you, give us the option to zoom in with the right stick (to at least what the npc dialogue camera zoom is like), it’s really hard for some of us to read the action. Some battles do zoom in already. Thank you !

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Thank you for the rapid fixes.

You all have created an absolutely stunning game!

Durability taken from damage was ok. Where I think it should get lowered is when dying because you die so many times in different areas, especially while fighting mini bosses. Lets see how it works now though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very quick response to feedback! Good sign. You all are doing great work.


next can you add difficulty options plz?

Nice! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Incredible how fast and responsive the devs are with the update.

Would you also be able to fix the clay drop rates for digging? It befomes difficult to progress after a certain point.

Thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for noting this! Passing this on to the team to check out!

@Starcatraz for vis since you mentioned the same


Steps in the right direction!!!

Those are great QoLs. Huge W for the devs. Thanks alot.

Amazing patch and just in time for the weekend. These were needed changes and we also need the performance fixes asap.


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when key rebind?

They said it’s on the way, just not in this patch.

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Fantastic! Thank you for working on these things so quickly!

Great fixes rip my big sword.
Also please try to add dlss fast this game is almost unplayable rn.
Rtx 3060, r5 5600x, 32gb ram it drops to 10-20 fps regularly and im on 1360x768 at 80% resscale

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agree, DLSS should be a high priority because even when the devs improve the performance the game will still be very GPU demanding

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