Pan's feedback summary for the early access (lvl8)


First off - I am very much enjoying your game so far (lvl 8 rn)
In fact, I have never really done early access before, let alone signed up to give feedback on some forum, so this says a lot about my appreciation.

Here are my thoughts:

Request: key remapping
Reason: use setup ur more comfortable with (e.g. I usually have map on tab in games)

Request: allow camera turning
Reason: movement, especially balancing on environment, especially when its diagonal to normal camera angle, can feel clunky (at least on keyboard)

Request: Indicate when fall dmg becomes relevant
Reason: It’s hard to guess when you can make a jump vs when you shouldn’t

Request: Add “leave game/return to main menu” option when pressing esc
Reason: this is so standard in games that it took me forever to actually find out how to exit after my first session

Request: reduce time for harvesting mats & have mats be auto picked up
Reason: the mat/crafting system is good, especially with harvesting tools. but it takes so long that I often dont bother chopping trees cuz its boring. and then i even have to pick the mats up after i harvest, don’t see why that’s needed. lets focus on the fun stuff :slight_smile:

Request: autohealing at bonfires (or whispers) would be very much appreciated
Reason: the game is punishing (which is good) but the prospect of having to go on boring herb farming trips just so I have another realistic chance in a boss fight isn’t

Request: some more information about when your game is saved would be appreciated
Reason: it’s nice to know exactly what you can expect when you die

Request: make capped framerate the default
Reason: I have a 4070 TI card but my game crashed twice in the tutorial, always in cutscenes when things moved quickly. I am guessing it was because my framerate was uncapped but not sure

Request: A way to have info on runes in gear
Reason: First time i used channel in my staff i was surprised my health dropped… I had no idea that would be the effect

Request: randomized drops are generally good but I feel there should be (if it isnt already in place) a tier system where → the more valuable the chest the more valuable the drop, the harder the boss the better the drop etc. Also in terms of quantity I’d say “harder” enemies should have a guaranteed drop
Reason: if you fought your butt off and finally win, you should be rewarded

Request: Allow fast travel to all unlocked whispers always
Reason: Seems like there will be lots of re-visiting areas for quests, dailies etc. seems annoying to have to walk all the way most of the time

Request: instead of climbing when you sprint, please just include a jump button
Reason: I died a fair number of times trying to just get on a ledge or sth. specifically pressing jump when I want gives way more control

Request: Can we do something about dodgeroll getting you stuck on your enemies and then getting hit regardless?
Reason: Pretty much that, I died a couple times cuz i was in a narrow path and wanted to get behind the enemy - dodgerolled but got stuck on the enemy

Request: Make the hitbox for things to interact with bigger
Reason: Surprisingly often I have to move back and forth to even activate a whisper or open a door

Request: Add a private stash and have it be accessed automatically for crafting/enhancing etc.
Reason: Nobody wants to spend an hour running back and forth from stash to vendors just to get some stuff done (only to notice “oh the next lvl needs 1 more of x ingredient, need to go back again and get that”

That’s it for now, again thanks a bunch. I might add to this later.



A few more short points:

  • map markers/path guides would be nice
  • more storage space is desperately needed, both in inventory and stash
  • having the “interact with ledges” mechanic that makes you climb and jump be “holding the sprint button” has gotten me to accidentally fall down and die so many times now, its one of the most frustrating parts ^^
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