No Stamina Cost For Sprinting & Auto-Sprint Toggle

This could be solved in other ways, but stamina management during combat feels a bit unbalanced. I think the simplest adjustment, which wouldn’t affect the existing system too much, would be to remove the stamina cost for sprinting. There’s a stamina cost associated with virtually every other action, so I think there’s enough to manage there.

This suggestion is also driven by my desire to have an auto-sprint option. I want to be able to click the left stick in to begin sprinting like in many other games. Crouch can get remapped to A/X or X/Square, the second of which would be my preference. I’d like A/X to be attack. Again, need for customizable controls, which I know is being worked on =)

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the only way its unbalanced is that I have 2 much of it for investing only 6 points in it. I killed last boss with running out of stamina only once and I was constantly hitting

Hmm ok. Maybe I just need to put more point into it.

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I only put my stamina points up to 16 and with 2 pieces of stamina regeneration stat lines.Now stamina is such a non factor in my game play. I think the current stamina mechanics are completely fine.

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I think they are oertuned in a way where stamina does not matter at all and it just feels bad

i was at 14 and hit the sweet spot pre nerf but now that it was buffed i regret it.

i have way too much stamina for what i need i now wish i could respec and put those points somewhere else.

stamina stat has become largely usseles to put points in now and any builds that focus on stamina are basicly obselete or just plain overkill.

same, I wanna take all of my stamina points away and put it in health/damag cuz stamina as it is rn does not matter at all