Add Toggle toggle sprint

Please consider adding a toggle sprint and/or auto sprint
Because my pinkie hurts a lot after playing NRFTW

PS: Love the game!


just buy a controller…this is how it is ment to be played

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even on controller, I want a toggle


That would probably require them to change the sprint to a diff button, cuz a single press of the A/X button just makes you dodge.


I have a controller and my right thumb is hurting from having to hold down A button for long periods of time just for a normal walking speed

Personally, in 130+ hours of playing on the xbox 360 gamepad, I have never experienced discomfort when holding down the run button, even if I passed the game in one sitting and it would take 500 hours, but maybe you have some kind of physiology, then as an option, maybe you need to make such an opportunity for such cases like yours :melting_face: