Running speed (no sprinting) should be faster

Running speed should be slightly faster, so that we don’t need to hold down the sprint button all the time.


I disagree, that would just ruin PvP later on and be too powerful in boss fights.


Using the sprint button enhances the strategic aspect of the game by compelling you to make decisions that are in line with the game’s objectives.

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Yeah of course, I don’t mean getting rid of sprinting or making it as fast as sprinting.

Just slightly faster, right now it feels like the character nearly stops once you let go of the sprint button.

The way you walk/run/sprint in Dark Souls 3 or Elden Ring is the perfect speed in my opinion, it has never ruined PvP or bosses in those games and this game has a relatively similar combat system.

Strong agree with OP - it should at least be a jog. On medium weight it’s basically just walking.

Part of the problem is sprint likes to launch your character off of edges you may or may not have meant to jump over, since there’s no explicit jump button. So I can either walk everywhere and have it take a very long time, or I can sprint and get a bunch of accidental deaths. There should be a happy medium.


Absolutely agreed.

Also the difference between walk and sprint is like going from 40-50% speed to 100% speed. Whereas going from 70% to 100% would maybe feel better. I’ve observed that on normal/heavy weight at least.

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The difference between sprinting and running feels very pronounced to me on “fast” weight, too.