Button Delay and Mapping Issues

hope that controls can be remapped.

the dodge/traverse should have their own dedicated button and separate from run button. hope that run button can have a press on/off and not hold to run only.

pressing the button feels it has a .25-.5 delay to the animation. is that by design? having combat problems with this one. hope to have no delays when pressing buttons.

otherwise, this game is great and i want it to succeed!!!


It feels like a delay to me too. It’s like the game loop waits briefly to see if the dodge press becomes a hold and so should start running instead of performing the dodge. It would be better if run was moved onto left thumbstick press and dodge was on it’s own.

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I had delay issues when it came to fighting the boss. I needed to either eat some food or drink one of those defense drinks (name?) and I had to hit the controller key multiple times to get the action to happen. Not sure if the delay is on my end or because of the game. Improvements with this would be great.

P.S. don’t nerf the damage please, players want to speed run the game like they do in Diablo 4 and thank GOD this isn’t a Diablo 4 clone :slight_smile:

P.S.S. Keep up the great work, love the game :slight_smile:

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i just made an account to upvote this!

im loving the game, roughly 15 hours in right now. several bosses downed, i love this game. when i played today i am REALLY feeling a half second delay on the dodge. i cant recall if its always been there but its really noticeable now. we need almost 0 delay on this dodge. 0.01 if you really need a delay ;D

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