General Feedback 19/04/2024

The game looks gorgeous so far, and I really enjoy all the hidden details and the environmental storytelling. I can’t wait to play the full game!

I noticed minor issues with chests and items when I tried to pick them up. The pickup/open notification appears for half a second and disappears before I can even press the button, leaving me to walk around it repeatedly until it pops up. These are most likely overlapping events or ray cast issues.

I also noticed that enemies see you before you even climb up to them, which results in you getting locked out. The distance the enemies can sense you from can be slightly reduced to at least give you the option to climb up before the battle starts.

Finally, once I pressed Esc, I didn’t see a quit game option. I suggest adding it to that menu, as I noticed other people discussing it.

In general, it’s an awesome game. It looks amazing. Keep it up, and I hope this feedback helps!

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