New update broke the game

Since the latest update (21/04) the game ‘starts’ in the background, never shows and stops ‘running’ after 2 minutes…

I’m using Intel i7-7820x 3,6Ghz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070ti, only have SSD for windows 11 x64 (not much space left), games on solid state drive Barracuda st2000DM001-1ER164, 32 G memory
Alienware Area 51 R5

Got the same problem, seems the game doesn’t even load. The game start, got Moon Studio and Private Division logo, loading screen freeze and the game just “stop” by itself :confused: pretty frustrating

Haven’t had anything like this on my setup today. Might help if you both include your system specs in case this is specific to a model of hardware/software combination.

I’ve tried running the game as administrator, I could have played like that

Try to place an exemption for the game in your anti-virus. That fixed one type of crashing for me.

The new update fixed it :grinning:.
I started a new game to test the difference, results being longer loading times, sometimes stuttering sounds, but fluid playing…
The only problem that remains is the fact you can only exit at those savepoints (but not at the first one in the tower, meaning you have to play at least an hour before you can exit the first time). Lacking that time, I had to exit with the windows key and ending the running program on the taskbar … :woozy_face: