Game Crashing after update

PC specs:

CPU: AMD R7 7800X3D
MB: Asus TUF x670E Wifi Plus
GPU: Asus TUF RTX 4090
RAM: 64GB DDR5 6400

Nvidia Driver: 551.76 (same behavior on 552.22)

The game is installed on an SSD (NVME tb2 Samsung).

I played fine last night for several hours (FPS between 60 and 100 on Quality settings with HDR, only turned off motion blur).

Started a new character on a new realm. The game crashes after around the 5 or 10 min mark. Windows Event View is not overly helpful.
Problem history in security and maintenance says the same thing.

Ran file verification in Steam
updated gpu driver

same behavior, crashes every 5-10 mins. Happens faster in new realms, but still happens in my realm from last night as well.

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I’m not getting the exact same event on my pc but the same thing is happening to me. Get in the game just fine can play around for 5 - 10 mins and then my system shuts down and auto reboots.

yeah that is worse that what i have going on. My PC isn’t rebooting but the game freezes and then eventually crashes to desktop.

I’m also having crashing issues and a very stuttery experience. Not good right now.