My enchantment ideas

Mahler asked on Twitter for ‘feature’ enchantment ideas. I don’t have a Twitter account so I’m posting here instead. Here’s a few ideas:

] Repulse: 100% larger window to land a parry, but parrying now costs 50-75 focus.

] Double-Edge: Slowly regenerate some health for 5 seconds on attack hit, slowly lose some health for 5 seconds on attack miss (not affected by status effect resistances & not stackable)

] Infested: Enemies have +100% poison vulnerability, but hatch worms and sirens upon dying

] Ricochet: Parrying can now return projectiles back to the sender, but risks +25% projectile vulnerability on wearer

That’s all I have for now, I’ll see if my brain can generate any more ideas down the line.

also feel free to put your own enchantment ideas in the comments if you’ve got any : )