Ideas for enchantments

type one of enchantments chance enchantments

1) this one for all the players that like necro or summoner classes in this type of games -

A) some kind of enchantment that would have a chance after slaying a mob to spawn plague leaches if the specific enemy affected by plague.

B) an enchantment that will have chance to reanimate dead mob to fight for you for limited time with half of is original dps and the chance to be successful to reanimate the enemy will go down as the rarity or type of mob goes up and won’t be able to reanimate boss mobs or mini bosses (this can be option of enemy corpse become a reanimated skeleton that fight for you)

C) an enchantment that have chance to make the wildlife fight for you like wolfs or maybe a boar or bear for limited time

2) elemental /druid kind of enchantments-

A) a chance for a successful hit to spawn a meteor that can do area damage but the downside it can hit the player to if not careful the meteor will do explosion of fire damage

B) a chance for a successful hit to spawn a vine or some kind of snare on a mob that will immobilize it for few seconds and with a option that the vine will inflict dps of poison on the enemy let say for like 3 to 5 seconds

C) chance to summon wind on hit that will do extra push back to enemies this kind of a silly wish of mine I been playing some assassins creed Odessey at past and there was the spartan kick and I just loved that I could kick enemies off cliffs lol but for this game I think it would be too much op because of the amount of cliffs and places to make enemies drops so maybe limit this option that it won’t push them off cliffs but still knock them back from time to time and make the skill less effective as the mob bigger because bigger mob more weight harder to push this enchantment I think there could be rune version of it to like active wind bending rune that specialized in pushing enemies and chance to interrupt actions of mobs

D) this one more in thought of druid and is connection to nature I will split these one to two options about chance spawning enchantment

D_1) a chance to spawn a flower or some kind of vegetation that will give a little of health regeneration while in combat upon successful hit

D_2) a chance when foraging vegetation mats like mushrooms or roots etc to get extra drops this can have option to wood cutting to but idk if it’s not too much so let me know what you think.

3) bloodmancer everything about that red stuff muhahah

A) chance to inflict bleeding upon successful hit and+ bleeding can stack up to 5 stacks

B) this is a synergy one to A) idea that when enemy have bleeding affecting him the player will inflict more dps

C) player can channel his blood to gain a berserk buff that will increase is movement speed and actions this in mind of all the players that love two handed and want go berserk like a true barbarian xd

D) this one in mind more of a rune than a enchantment I would love to have more kind of runes that use health instead of focus maybe add a blood spear that it would fire a spear made of you blood (channeling spell for forming the spear ) would be awesome when you channel to see actually the spear forming out of your blood

E) a chance when you get hit some of your blood will spill on the group to small pools and there two options in mind what this pool can do one option is if you stand on the pool for some time you will regain part of the health that you lost , option B this one more complicated what I have in mind is kind of synergy with buff and debuff : add to the game a potion that make your blood poisonous the down side when potion is active you will constantly lose health per second for limited time and when you use the poison potion there much higher chance for blood pool to spawn when you get hit but this time the pools will inflict damage to mobs if they touch it and you won’t be able to regain health from the pool ( one of the synergy that can bypass the loss of health will be vampirism so you would leach health by hitting the enemy )

stats related enchantments

A) add enchantment that add crit chance or crit damage to gear weapons armor etc more focused on the weapons

B) would love to have enchantment that is related to stats you have like
if a player has strength and faith, he will get some bonus for having these two stats together I don’t really know how it will give bonus or in what way but if the devs choose to add this synergy enchantment stat based I will leave it to them to think on something interesting.

C) add enchantment that will add to gear a chance to dodge attacks and the chance for dodging will go up when player weight is low this will give a bit more interesting buff to having low weight setup or investing in load stats

D) add some kind of stat enchantment that will lower the fall damage many times I try to get to chests or loot in nameless path and I get killed by falling when I farm or some kind of a rune that I can activate before I attempt to do difficult jump

E) this one I think can be interesting for many players - add enchantment specific for weapons only that if you have this enchantment on a one-handed weapon, it will make the weapon to offhand so it will allow you to dual wilding one-handed weapons

F) this one weapon based to but more focused on two handed and with synergy to section E) about dual wielding this section not enchantment but an idea about effects of having high strength build, in my opinion when you have a lot of strength you could lift with one hand very heavy things so maybe make an option that strength stat will help with weight of weapon as much as you have strength the weight of the weapon will go down because you support it with the strength of your hands and it will make wielding a two handed sword easier and faster and maybe will have option to dual wielding two handed as one handed just one point that need to say if this option will be in game will need to nerf the dps of the two handed weapon or some kind of nerf because the two handed very strong maybe have a very high stamina consumption for it

tools enchantment - add option to enchant the axe pickaxe or the fishing rod /shovel that will give some buffs to the equipment or debuff if it became purple like extra durability or option to have double loot or option of a chance of the tool durability not going down after action or rarity stat that will give % to find rare drops ( Item Quantity & Item Rarity I would add to all gear to have option of enchant or stat on them )

crucibles enchant - I think some kind of enchant system for crucible can be interesting like in path of exile you have maps that you can enchant and modify for getting some kind of different encounter or experience in it.
and this is how I think we can implement it in the game for getting into the crucible you use fallen embers maybe add option to add more kind extra to the ember that will change the run somehow or option B will be to change the ember or modify it in some way maybe with alchemy.

some ideas how the crucible can change after modifying the ember or any other way the devs will find suitable can be in example there will be fire around the map that will obstruct the player and can damage him or poison pools or ice etc another idea how it can change it ,maybe after modifying it will make the enemies stronger like even more health or dps or all enemies explode on death etc so why should we have modifying what good in it well more content but higher risk I call for high reward after modifying I think the player deserve better loot maybe add a challenge modification for crucible that if you pass it you will get something exclusive for beating the challenge kind of a new kind of bounty ,or having some kind of bounty that will change the end run boss of the crucible or give him buff etc

if you read all my thoughts and ideas, I appreciate it a lot thank you for your time and if I have more ideas, I will update this topic from time to time so keep looking if you found it good and interesting, best regards and happy gaming :innocent:

I think enchantments should be lore-accurate.

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I think some of them no need lore connection like crit or more loot or the blood there already sharp weapons that can inflict bleeding in theory and there already healing rune and rune that use health so why not use blood.

some of the enchantments I agree that there high chance that it’s not lore based but because we in early access maybe in future it will be some kind of lore and we don’t know what is actually a cerim so maybe there cerims with magic of summoning or necromancy because in many tribes or community there many kinds of groups that have different ways of life or powers in games.

and about the crucible there not really a lot of information what kind of trials they have in it so the option of some kind of changing the ember maybe not against the lore because they said they put the ember and blood for opening it but they learnt it from book maybe in future there will be more books and information that will show there been more requirements for higher lvl trial than just falling ember and this post about enchantments its more for idea for more content that can be part of the lore to but not a must to add

most of what I put its based-on things already in game like the staff that use magic or the monsters that explode and have leeches even the potion with poison I was thinking on it because the ichor that he consumes to get something even that the plague is the ichor kind of in some way he consumes something bad in theory to gain something back

but yes I agree there need to be some lore connected to it but on some of the ideas no need lore

One of the things that would be cool and lore accurate could be to change this suggestion:

To summoning a plague leech, similar to a certain mob which on death explodes and summons 4 plague leeches. We could have an enchant to where if we kill an enemy whilst affected by the plague status it summons such a plague leech.

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I agree that sound better.

I will change it ty for suggestion.

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