More flaws I have with the current build

Now that I’ve joined the community and did some more research, I wanted to expand on my previous post.

I have come to learn how much stacking focus with % gain focus on damage dealt breaks the game, I think there should be hard caps or perhaps the amount gained from the actual rune attacks could be lowered.

The other thing would be that faster weapons just feel far weaker and less fun that bigger ones do, so a overall buff to one-handed weapons could be nice.

Every dagger video i’ve seen shreds with faster attack speed and effects, they absolutely do more damage than my claymore build with its slower attack moveset and abilities. (watching them with level 30, and I am level 30)

I agree with the focus spam, my claymore relies on its rune strike to keep up to everyone elses damage that I’ve seen.
The claymore moveset is slow I can’t always get off the whole chain… the daggers can attack much more frequently with a skilled player using effects/rune attacks.

Maybe at lower levels this is different, but with enough time and effort, the small weapons can still shred enemies.

I can’t attest to many weapon types, but the game gets much easier with upgrades and abilities to strengthen your move sets.

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