Love the Halberd, but the 2H sword is too damn slow with all attacks

Love the movesets overall, but I think this one could use work:

Halberd plays great, and has some quicker attacks (roll, sprint attack) to balance out a move for every need. The 2H Sword’s are all VERY slow. You can make it work, sure, but IMO it doesn’t feel very fun because your character just seems clumsy:

I’d love to have the 2H Sword / Claymore still feel like it is being wielded by a cunning swordsman with some speed- and an obvious tradeoff on blocking.

I’d say that the 2H sword Moveset would work for a 2H Mace/hammer/axe grouping- focused on massive damage, but hard to wield effectively. I’d suggest that the 2H Sword be just a little quicker, with slightly less damage (and perhaps slightly less range - might require a little balancing).

Anyway, just my opinion here- I’d be interested in others’ opinion.

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I played with claymore only for the first 3-4 hours of my game.
It felt terrible at first and I do honestly think it’s not as good as other weapons.

But from my experience learning it over time, it’s range of motion is MASSIVE. It’s standard attack with the overhead animation reaches and out-ranged most, if not all, enemies. It’s running/dodge attack sweeps a large area, and has a fast follow-up attack. If enemy staggers from a charged first attack, the second poke attack is near guaranteed.

I would like some attacks to be touched up because most of the moves struggle to track, especially ones with upward or more vertical motions, i.e. the default skill rune on claymore. The 3rd combo attack is almost never worth committing to. The running/dodge 2nd attack tracks poorly.

I agree with the 2H sword moveset feeling underwhelming or too “heavy” as someone coming from other souls-likes and action rogue-likes, though at the same time, I see their vision with it’s moveset gameplay niche. It plays very hit and run, similar to old school Monster Hunter games, but it’s combo attacks are hardly utilized and it’s animations leave you too vulnerable.

It feels like a gameplay clash with moves that you want to stay at range with VS character animations that keep you approaching or in movement, which you do not want to do with most enemies. (possibly why tracking fails)

Though to note, if you roll any attack speed modifiers on enchantment or/with other stats like stamina on damage dealt etc., it plays a LOT better.


They got halberds in this game???

Jesus Christ. So many weapon types, all with their own unique animation and move sets. We’re eating so good

The Halberd is sweet

When you get items with attack speed increases this changes entirely. You can make the claymore faster. Ive done it!

honestly i agree, the claymore seemed to slow, and the boss weapon seemed way to slow very unfun to play and i normally go towards swords. i like swords i makes it less fun tha ti cannot play with what i like

you should not need items to make the claymore fun, it should be enjoyable the way it is with items improving it

if it is hit and run they need to modify it alot, make its hits harder, and give more opps for charge attacks, because at the moment i felt like thats what they were going for as well but it was very unsatisfying, i feel like it they tweeked it a bit they could get a good balance