More convenient fast travel

It should allow players to teleport between waypoints like in other games, which would avoid a lot of unnecessary travel time.

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I dont think its unnecessary, you have to open all those shortcuts on a hand made map, if they add a whisper selection travel it would defeat the purpose of opening different pathways along the way.
Those shortcuts are there to make you explore the whole area afterall, you see that bridge thats not lowered and you think that maybe you havent seen that whole area, you missed some hidden path.
Not to mention that when you sidle, and grab the wall, you can knock on the wall, i always thought that was a sign the devs intend to add secret walls and passages in the future.


I believe that unlimited fast travel would take away from the intended experience of this game.

However, I’d like to argue that instead of only being able to travel from Sacrament to the last whisper that you are able to travel to the last two whispers. That would be a small compromise between the different methods of game play.

Each whisper would then have a travel to Sacrament option as well as a travel to “the other” whisper option.

As a side note, I don’t think that the whisper option should be “last whisper.” Instead, it should name the location. This should be done even if nothing else is changed. I don’t always remember the location of the last whisper I used, and it’s annoying to travel to it just to see where it was.


or make it last whisper per area. so when i do crucible runs, but want to do a bounty real quick in the shallows, i have to walk ALL THE WAY back. why not have 1 “active” whisper per area u can fast travel to.
this way you still profit largely from unlocked shortcuts, but u do not have to walk all the way through the maps.

especially when they add more maps, i already see myself not wanting to do bounties etc, just because i have to walk through 2 or even 3 maps to get to my destination. no thank u, i’ll pass.


I feel like the game was designed heavily around the idea of you physically moving around the map, collecting resources as you do etc.

What I do think could work is if larger areas or town are introduced. Then allowing players to fast travel between these larger hubs. So i.e. between Sacrament and somecity up north.

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“Marin… We can still go back to Marin!” It’s been foretold!

I myself would like it so we eventually have some quest tied better Whisper activity. Maybe unlock “favorited” whispers, say you get one when you finish the “Servant of God” quest. Now your whispers have 3 options: Sacrament, Favorites, Back / Last Whisper, Favorites, Back.

You can favorite 1 whisper, and that one will always be available until you select a new one. Then, maybe, there could be one or two more quests throughout the game that open more of those.

The game is very tied to traversal, specially with the Metroidvania shortcut system we have, but if we are to get anything even close to the island map featured in the War Room a 2 point system will inevitably become tedious.

I think Main Towns + 1~3 custom favorites + Last Whisper would be a good mix of fast travel and mandatory traversal

We dont even know if the devs pretend to implement this later, as we grow more powerful, and with the implementation of the skill tree, we could see something like whisper selection being a thing later in the game, like the respec option in the crucible.


I agree with this. While the game is beautiful, making us run all over the place to do something in Zones (farm stuff) instead of having an ability to at least quickly get to and from each Zone, is a time killer.

A few things I think that could help alleviate this.

-Pet Siren/Rat to pickup dropped loot only. Does no damage, JUST picks up loot.
-Give us a Necklace or Bracelet slot which is meant to add movement buffs only. It’s only perk is movement so as not to give people too much power, just a bit more speed and maybe this drop is only against Echo Knight to help end-game and not push movement early on in the game story…rewarding us later when we’re starting to hit that repetitive state of grind and want more speed, less downtime.
-Blink is free outside of combat but only after beating Echo Knight once. This one might be too powerful but I did kind of like the idea of being able to test runes outside of combat for free so long as we have the right amount of focus to activate it first. Again, I can see this being too powerful.
-Maybe a Speed Food or Elixir for the Overworld that we can buy from one of the Merchants. Only buyable at a merchant and does not work in Crucible.