Suggestion-Fast Travel UI

Just a quick suggestion, btw, loving the game, the art style in particular is great and gameplay is fun (Albeit Iona Bloom platforming saw me falling quite a bit)

The fast travel system is oddly confusing in its simplicity. Maybe i’m not far enough along, but in town i go to fast travel, and it just…takes me to the last whisper I was at? It would be great if when choosing fast travel, it opened the map and allowed us to choose the whisper.

Its not always easy to remember which one is the last one you were at, and if thats in the direction of where you need to go or not.

Even if you kept the system where you just go to the last whisper, would still be great to see a visual representation via the map so we can see where we’re about to go.

Great work all around though!!


I fully agree with @dallas that travel locations should be visible explicitly.

Things that would improve the situation imho:

  • always highlight the last active whisper on the map so I can tell were I will respawn / can fast travel to from Sacrament
  • when using fast travel from Sacrament at least name the last whisper’s location instead of just saying “Last Whisper”.
    • Even better: Show the map for fast travel and center it on the last whisper I can travel to (as @dallas said)

I agree with these suggestions as well.