Menus / inventory reset cursor

A pretty small thing that gets super annoying and also contributes to the inventory management and overall tediousness of the game:

the game remembers the cursor and filters on all menus in the game.

If it makes sense in games with tons of UIs and tooltip inside tooltips inside tooltips (say EVE Online), in pretty much every single h&s (which in passing this game has literally nothing in common except color tiers for loot) or souls game I can think of the game will always reset to a default position on a menu / tab / filter / whatever. Their UIs and menus are way simpler and always more streamlined and it’s better to have everything reset to a default position when opening a menu.

In No Rest it doesn’t do that and “saves” the state of the last open menu and it’s just bad. Which makes it so that you always forget where you last were in a menu when you closed it and these few seconds of hesitation add up real quick and make you lose precious time (yes time is precious). VS what most games usually do by always having the same default position which allows you to “clear your mind” of it and knowing exactly from which point you’ll land on the UI, making your muscle memory work way more efficiently.

I know, it sounds like nit picking and there’s obviously more pressing issues at the moment, but it’s also these kind of little details that really pile up after a while, especially on top of other annoying little things and end up just causing frustration and friction. Plus this is a feedback forum, so I’m giving feedback.


Agreed. There’s also two other issues.

  1. When transferring items in/out of inventory, the sort order of items changes seemingly randomly.
  2. There’s no filter for item types. I bought/made chests to keep my stuff organized by item type. No other way to sift through which items go where without reading item descriptions.
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Yes, the sort thing is definitely an issue for me too.

I got OCDs and these sorts of things drive me nuts.

Game feels overall very polished, especially for an EA except for these things which don’t feel good at all and make the experience more tedious than necessary.

the game remembers the cursor and you can change your items incredibly quickly, literally with 2-3 clicks.
It seems this is exactly how it was intended

And yes, filters, by the way, why is there no filter in the chest, but only in the inventory?

No, you’re not “literally 2-3 clicks” away, that’s simply false: in mid and end game where you have to move the cursor many times over to the other side side of the inventory since it’s always so full.

I could literally prove you mathematically that it’s less effective as it is right now, with how the game flows vs what I suggest but something tells me your plan is just to come in every thread about this to not only not contribute to anything concrete other than say “F you got mine” and keep on ignoring the fact that I suggested to make it an OPTION so everyone wins?

This is a suggestion forum, if you don’t like this particular one which implemented in a way that would literally not remove or change anything for you in any negative way, why don’t you just… ignore and move on.

I mean. I have two sets of armor. One for combat, the other for HP regen. This system allows me to change equipment quickly.

Then I said - “It seems this is exactly how it was intended”
I never said that “this is necessary, you are a fool and don’t understand anything”

And I never said that your idea is shit. So stop being offended for no reason and showing aggression.
All the best to you

What about the constant roaming around crafting mats and stuff?
Let’s picture 2 situations, 2 different methods:

  1. your cursor always remembers the position and it was somewhere on the right side of the inventory, on one of the equipped gear items and you want to go check or use something in the materials, you do NEXT TAB 2 times but still have to move extra boxes to go all the way left (or to the right to circle back). But then some other time it’s elsewhere, say not quite at the very bottom but almost of one of the inventory tabs and you have to go all the way up right, makes you do a lot of cursor moving around when switching tabs and things you need to focus on.


  1. your cursor is always reset to top left / first box of first tab and you want to go check or use something in the materials, you do NEXT TAB 2 times and you’re already here, right where you need to be. Wanna go check stuff? Just go left once and you’re in the equipped gear side of the screen. Everytime you change tab cursor is also reset and having that info you know exactly how to work your muscle memory to move by X boxes to get there quickly.

I hear what you say about equipped gear, and that makes sense in that particular case but for the vast majority of situations what I propose would be faster. Making the whole thing “work” for this particular case of yours at the detriment of all the other, way more recurring and problematic ones that a good ol’ loadout system would fix is just counterproductive and not a good solution in my book.

Anyway, wasn’t meant to be aggressive, just straight to the point cause there’s a lot of feedback and there’s this typical recurring behavior with gamers online of “I me personally don’t have the issue therefore there is no issue at all” type fallacy, especially so with this game and I just don’t have the patience for all this anymore, it’s really tiring.

No harm done, thanks for the clarification. Cheers.

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