I think the Inventory for resources (mushrooms, ore, etc) should have 1 more row unlocked by default

I like the Ichor unlocks connected to defeating Bosses. Having some level of trade-off when it comes to ‘what do I unlock next’ re: Ichor is a great thing, and I enjoy the system.

At the moment, managing the Resources (ore, herbs, gems) inventory tab feels like a chore- the other tabs are in about the right place, but even having used 1 Ichor to unlock an extra row, I’m constantly shuffling back to the rookery to manage this section of the inventory, or needing to destroy something I found to pick up something I need.

The problem with this is that there is a temptation to use all of your early-game Ichor unlocks to mitigate this problem, rather than opening up more build possibilities (extra weapon slot, rings, etc).

Balancing inventory can be enjoyable at the right level of ‘tension-’ E.G - when my equipment inventory gets full, I decide what I need, what I want to sell, what runes I want to extract- it’s fun because I end up with some money and some possibilities.

The resources inventory, on the other hand, is not enjoyable to manage given how many different items there are to pick up- and I don’t know what I can safely get rid of, so I end up hoofing it to the Rookery a bit more often than is enjoyable.

Thanks for the amazing work!


that aint it. It solves the sympthome, not the issue. We have 2 much things to fit in inventory, thats the issue. Idk how they can address it, at this point I would even consider game filter.

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I’m not really into crafting games, but this doesn’t seem like too many things to keep track of mentally, though that’s certainly up for debate.

I don’t necessarily feel that the number of resources is totally out of bounds, although they could probably simplify 20% of it.

I enjoy the crafting aspects here- they feel meaningful without being over-wrought.

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thats exactly why Idk what they should do. they should do smth tho, but idk what, and inv space aint the solution.

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after thinking quite a lot about this issue, I think they should rework all food related items and introduce actual estus flasks that regain charges each time you die or slay a couple of enemies while interaction itself should regen all your hp (and maybe focus). I think crafting ingredient inventory and resource inventory should become uncapped instead of being limited as they are now.

Food items being primarly healing items should cease to exist. I suggest making a hunger bar that gets filled fully by eating any 2 of them. Add a button to throw up if you wanna switch buffs, animation could last 3+ seconds to not allow exploiting food as healing items on bosses. They would basically be an hour long buffs that slowly decreases in value over time, and once you reach 50% hunger again you can eat another piece of food. If you go with this system cooldown for eating food should be removed, and cooldown for estus flasks should not be implemented to begin with.

EDIT: rethinking food system and explained it in a way I think would be the best way to have it in the game

Easy solution here, twice as many total item slots for the items tab, on upgrade increase by 2 rows.
The second part of the solution, whenever you open one chest, you can see all chests in your houses as tabs. Whenver you try to craft, upgrade or sell you can see all the stashes as tabs, and if you have the items in any of your stashes, you can just use them, you would not have to have them on you in order to use them.


and then second batch of updates of early access arrives, u get to level 40 and suddently now you get as much new droppable crafting resources and food as you were having before and you will be exactly where you are now, but with 30 chests to look trought for ur resources, asking for more inventory space, not realisng inventory space is not the problem, but amout of things you have to store. That is obviously not the solution. at some point it would take longer to go through tabs of chests than trought items in each chest. That is obviously not the solution.

Really ? It takes you longer to stay on one screen and just change one tab than to phisically move to a new chest, open it, move to the next and so on ? Are you sure you have played the game, bought a house and store loot in the boxes ? And you are just happy with it ? Your problem is that you get too much loot, and your solution would be … to get less loot ?

By the way, Pallworld, Last Epoch, PoE, Enshrowded and the list goes on. This was actually the solution, I did not just came up with it. It just works and it’s the best solution anyone came up with so far.

They should absolutely not change the food system to actual estus flasks. Gathering/buying ingredients or food is a core part of the game loop that encourages money management and backtracking(and with the “Alive” system this works wonderfully).

The price of everything can be balanced though. I think it is super easy to get infinite healing items in the end game right now. Though that’s not a super big issue in terms of moment to moment difficulty of the game since you can’t spam heal but it is an issue in terms of the game loop since you don’t really need to backtrack if you have tons of money but I guess that can be good because it’s rewarding for good money management.

Other changes can be made but estus is definitely not an improvement.


Totally agree. Would wreck the balance, furthermore, since enemies don’t respawn at ‘checkpoints’

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u missunderstood what I was trying to say there. I was trying to say that in endgame u would end up having more chests than space in each chest separately. Actual solution would be unbinded item stacking, and what you suggested. But what you suggested alone would not be enough in endgame, Especially if you wer eto play with multiple characters or in realm with your friends.

I will tell you right now, from feedback I have gathered, most people do not like psychology that limited healing items make during a boss fight. It does not feel good. I dont think they should change food system to estus flasks, I think they should change food to be a long period buffs for you instead, while also healing you, but you cannot eat more than ur hunger bar allows you 2. There are no negative drawbacks while being hungry. It would require lowering drop rate of all food and making recipies double the expensive, but u would still be encouraged to backtrack for ingridients.

yea, so wouldnt flask unless you died, but I do see the issue it could cause of randomly killing yourself to regain flask charges, as you are randomly killing urself to regain health, so maybe instead of on death, they would regen only on death in boss rooms, and otherwise its on every few enemy slain, or maybe u r allowed to hold only one flask until you face a boss, when you unlock usage to all flasks you have unlocked. I am sure there is a way to itterate this system in a way where it wouldnt ever feel bad to a player, while I dont think theres a way to solve psychology issue limited food causes no matter what devs do.

Food healing system is fine. It alread gives you long buffs if you cook somehing good btw 600seconds of more health etc. I like it so I don’t want to see it change that’s all.

It really depends on developers and community. As I said, most people do not enjoy the gameplay it creates during boss fights