Inventory Management Improvements?

I find that the items that fill up the fastest are resources, and that makes sense. The communal chest has a limited amount of space, and the chests for your home have even less space and must be bought (or at least, I haven’t yet found a recipe for them at level 20). The home chests also take up space in your home. Might I suggest that the cupboards, which currently only accept consumable items, also take resources? I mean it makes sense that apples, mushrooms, berries etc. would be stored in a cupboard rather than a chest, no? I just keep filling up on rersources that I don’t need yet and having no where to put them unless I buy a new chest.

On the topic of resources, I feel like a new inventory tab might be necessary. Maybe dividing the resources into ingredients + resources, diving consumables into food + quick items, or adding a new tab for all edibles (food and ingredients, as ingredients are still considered food and are sorted into the Up slot on the D-Pad). It just seems like there are too many things being crammed together and not quite enough space, even with Ichor upgrades. Love the game btw!