Am I the only one?

Twice now, while managing inventory, I’ve managed to accidentally sell or destroy key items.

After hundreds of hours of Diablo/POE/Elden Ring/Last Epoch I have a hard time accepting this is just my old man brain. I think part of the problem is that you first select how you’re accessing your inventory and that determines what action is available: destroy, sell, upgrade, enchant, etc.

Once your in that menu, though, there’s really nothing to differentiate the process, so it’s the same button sequence and pop-ups regardless of which action you’re taking.

While having an “oops” function would be great, i think the system could use a n overhaul.

I would prefer vendor menus that are visually distinct that allow to select action types in a way that makes it overwhelmingly obvious what action you’re performing.


Yes, it is easy to make an inventory mistake because items randomly shift after moving one. I have learned to just go slowly. I would like to think this is just the 1st iteration and it will get better over the EA period. Also would like a QoL buy back feature;)

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Yes, you are the only one. :wink:

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I do not think I have done that, yet…
I have, however, existed out of the interaction menu a lot; like every other interaction.

The horizontal navigation has a poor contrast ratio. It’s damn hard to see. While I do like the convenience of the horizontal navigation, I think they should keep the vertical as well.

It’s weird to drill down and then not up, it breaks all my expectations. Plus the daily/weekly quest giver works the way most (i think) would expect it to.

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