Looting a chest while full and playing with your inventory = softlock

So i dont know you can replicate this anywhere else, but in the Glades at the top of the elevator for the chest that spawns on the upper floor of the ruined building you are in with the view of the “Cerim dungeon door” in the background that i havent figured out how to open"(the one similar to inside the masons building in Sacrament that the NPC asks you to check out)…

anyway…there is a chest there and if you have a full resource inventory and try to delete an item while in the chest menu, the chest will “pop out of phase?” kind of similar to modded skyrim installs with an ENB where items or textures will pop in and out based on camera angle when somethings not quiet right

so like the chest will still be there but the lighting will change and at the same time the chest and the menu will disappear and your character will be stuck in the “foraging” animation where shes bent over and swiping with her hand and no buttons work except the start button… exiting to main menu and back in works to fix but it seems like just playing around in your inventory while having chest loot open right there is enough to trigger it

other things to look at i cant remember if i made the post that i was going to yesterday… like i typed it up but idk if i sent it

flower pots around t2 inn in sacrament bounce while running past them, theres one on the ground and the windowsills on the side of the building that do it

and when laying in the first bed of tier2 inn(i dont know if it works with t1 or t3 i havent tested it)(go up the steps past the guy that hates you from the prologue that says something like “it cant be” and its the closest bed) its like as soon as you press Y to lay down your characters head starts looking you or tracking the center of the screen and its weird like that during the entire animation it kind of reminds me of the canadians from south park and after that your head is just staring until you log out or get up… it doesnt do that that in the bed thats turned the otherway against the far wall

also clay still sucks… maybee its becuase im so behind on it, but i ran around for like two hours today and got maybee 6 clay which is better than my entire first day putting in 15+ hours and only having 8 total after shoveling every pile i could find before i knew i needed clay but i need 39 Spruce, 3 iron ore and 30 clay? and its burning me out looking for piles… the trees are easy enough to find but ive been having bad rng with locations that i know piles exist and it feels too grindy… i know itll be balanced eventually and for all i know the servers will wipe at least once during early access so ive decided at least for this play through not to work on the upgrades so i can go meet the church psycho lady and move on to end game things

and im still loving this game and think you guys are doing a great job esspecially 2 patches in 2 days. thats insane

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Not even full inventory. I posted the same here:

For me the chest just vanished and I wasn’t playing with anything or had full inventory. I was just reading the stats on the items inside and then it was gone.

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oh was it the same chest i had an issue with in the orban glades or can this happen to any chest anywhere?

Happened to me at the exact same chest