Loot drops should change to more match your chosen build

In a game that is designed to be as grindy as this one, having exciting loot drops is extremely important. If I’m trying a mage build, and I get a legendary item to drop that is a sword requiring 40 strength, this item is absolutely worthless to me. Instead, based on your build, it would be great if epic/legendary items were more likely to drop that actually matches your build stats (e.g. for int/faith builds, staffs or magic items would drop at a higher rate). I’m not a programmer and don’t know how hard that would be to do, but this would make things much more rewarding. Also, when items do drop you may actually want to use, the items should be at or close to your level because I’ve received items that require 20+ points in a particular stat more than I have to even use it, so the item is more like a glorified paper weight.