Loot system seems to be a bit unbalanced

Hei there, maybe I’m a bit too focused on this mechanic, but the loot system could be more beneficient. To kill a boss and not even getting a blue or purple item is a bit disappointing.
Although I totally like the way items are handled here in general – the possibility to upgrade normal stuff, infusing it etc. makes them sometimes way better than blue or purple stuff. I like that, it makes most loot interesting somehow, at least it invites to compare it with the stuff you got. This takes me to another proposal here: Make the stuff you wear popup in a neighbouring window when looking at an item in your inventory, just to have better comparison.
I don’t know about the drop rates (percentage-wise) of legendaries, maybe those will be implemented later in the game. I found one in around 30 hours of playtime.
What do others think about this issue?

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a) Loot
I think we get too much loot (and too much money because of it). It’s not hard to get purple and blue staff, just play a little. So I feel like we should get less amount of items.
b) Popup
Yes!! I tottaly miss that when i’m comparing my current eq to new one

I agree with you, the overall loot in the game is absolutely sufficient (maybe too much, haven’t thought about that), my point is that the specific loot from killing a boss is kind of meh. Maybe I am too focused on ‘boss loot should be great’, I’ll admit that. :smiley: