Keyboard platforming is very hard in a few places

Nameless pass has a few spots where jumping with a keyboard is very frustrating, as you cant get the correct angles for the jumps. eg. When you have to make the jumps to get the key for the prisoner, jumping on the cages is almost impossible… Had to connect xbox controller to make the jump after 30 mins of trying.

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I had the same experience as you, I spent way too long trying to jump from one cage to another. On PC we can only move in 8 directions when jumping. Realigning some platforms with this in mind could help a ton. For some platforms I had to stand at the edge and then I barely made it and then had to figure out the next.

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hold alt and you will go to the cursor direction. Hold shift and you will run to the cursor direction. Sticks analog


oh wow, i didnt know that was a thing, ty… just tried it, works great

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Same experience here. Had to connect my barely functional usb controller just to make those jumps.

Huge to know I can hold alt to go on the cursor direction though.