Soft Locked in Nameless Pass

I am unable to continue in nameless pass due to a bug with the movable platforms. After an hour of experimentation I looked at the path online and noticed their movable platforms go to different positions than in my game.

The platforms in my game seem to only rotate about 270 degrees in place and will not rotate into the correct position needed to solve the puzzle. This seems to be the case with more than one platform too, they all seem to stop at a certain point going either direction, and some it is impossible to align with the correct solution.

Please take a look at this as I am unable to progress in the area because of this.

Maybe this will help you out.

i will try that thank you, i hope the devs are aware of this and its a quick fix for them

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They sent an @ to everyone in the Discord this morning about it. They thought the hotfix last night fixed it for everybody, but it sounds like there are still some realms affected and they’re looking for a way to correct it.

Here’s the Discord announcement