Tower puzzle doesn't turn correctly in nameless pass

Hey, in my game, the puzzle that appears in the video at minute 45:50 doesn’t turn correctly; it freezes and doesn’t allow me to continue with the game. It must surely be a bug. My question is, if I saved with this bug, when they fix the version, will I still encounter the same bug? Will I have to start all over again from the beginning?


I literally run for 2 hours in this area and then find out it was a bug🥲

Hey, we can use this corpse to jump on and open this gate

It’s quite hard to do (you have to stand on the head and get the correct angle), it was way easier to use the wooden plank (right side of the gate flag) for me.

I have this same bug, I haven’t been able to rotate the first tower since Sunday. I already created a new kingdom and when I got to that part again the same bug occurred…


try this