Plataform machine at Nameless Path

Hello, there is a problem at the NAMELESS PASS with a platform, when you turn it around, I’ve seen some people who could turn the platform to jump to the next part, but apparently, the machine is blocked and you cannot use it to jump anymore.
the mechanism is the one next to the gate.

Yep, I find it, too with my second character… I checked the machine with my first character (I finished the game with it) in other realm and it worked! So this platform machine moves on the other 180 angle, so I am unable to move in the proper position! This bug is stopped the gameplay, as I can’t move forward.

Yup. I’m blocked here as well and lots of others have reported the issue. There’s another thread where people have found workarounds: Nameless Pass Crane Bug

Hopefully it’s patched soon.